EXCLUSIVE: Jacob Tremblay's Hot Dad on Becoming an Internet Sensation: 'It's Not a Bad Thing to Be Called!'

Plus, hear what the 'Room' star's beautiful mom had to say about the phenomenon.

Jacob Tremblay's hot dad is dishing on becoming an Internet phenomenon!

While the Room star has been winning over our hearts this awards season with his adorableness, it's the 9-year-old's dad -- and mom -- who have become unexpected celebrities in their own right. On Golden Globes night, everyone who had eyes became obsessed with just how attractive Jacob's father is, and now, he's talking about it all.

"I was sitting at the Golden Globes and my phone started going crazy," Jacob's dad Jason, a police detective in Vancouver, told ET on Sunday during the Oscars red carpet. "I checked it on commercial break and it was family, friends and a lot of co-workers from work giving me a hard time. But it's all in fun."

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"It's not a bad thing to be called!" he reasoned.

"I wasn't surprised," Jacob's gorgeous mom, Christina, chimed in. "That's why I married him, right?"

Jacob's parents couldn't be prouder of their son and marveled over his accomplishments at such a young age.

"It's surreal," Jason said. "When we were taping [Room], as parents, we were like, 'This is really good,' but then we had to sit back and think, 'Is it just because we had our parent goggles on and everything our son does is great?' So it's great to see all of this and know that everyone else kind of agrees with us that he did a great job. We're more than proud."

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"We're always proud of him, but now it's just [we're] so happy for all these opportunities and to see him enjoying all of this, there isn't words," Jacob's mom added. "I can't talk about it, I'll cry!"

But we can't forget young Jacob, who showed off his Star Wars pride by rocking Darth Vader socks on the red carpet.

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As for the three stars Jacob has met this awards season that top his list?

"My favorites are Leonardo DiCaprio, Steven Spielberg, Johnny Depp. All those three!" the Room star adorably revealed.

At the Screen Actors Guild Awards in January, Jacob spoke about his parents' sudden moment in the spotlight.
"They just laugh about it," he told ET at the time. "It's kinda funny, 'cause now my mom calls my dad, 'Hot Dad.'"

Could this family be more perfect?! Press play below to watch Jacob's ET interview!