Celebs Must Choose In ET's Fun Red Carpet Game


Celebs from all areas of the entertainment business converged on the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles Wednesday for the 40th annual People's Choice Awards.

ET's Rocsi Diaz was on hand to get up close and personal with the stars, and to introduce them to a little game called ET Choice, in honor of the People's Choice.

The game is simple: A star draws two cards, each with the name of another celebrity. Then, Rosci gives them a simple question such as, "Who would you want to travel across the country with on a road trip?" or, "Which of those two stars would you want to be stuck on a deserted island with?"

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Then, the star must choose between the two celebrities on the cards in a fun, occasionally awkward, often hilarious version of would you rather.

Check out the revealing video, and see how celebs, such as Ian Somerhalder, Melissa Joan Hart, Michael Weatherly and many others, fare in the game.