Zach Galifianakis Was Nearly Unrecognizable at the SAG Awards

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Zach Galifianakis is keeping off the weight!

In October, the Birdman star debuted his 50 pound weight loss, and now he's also lost the beard, making him look even more like a new man. But is he too unrecognizable?


Last night at the SAG Awards, the actor caused a lot of talk about his appearance. Look no further than Twitter to see the awe and the shock.

While the actor looked slimmer, it was not without some hard work. He talked about how he dropped the pounds to WGN TV on Oct. 15, "I started walking a bunch and gave up booze."

No hangover here!

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However, Galifianakis is weary of the attention his new look brings, especially when he's on a red carpet. In October he told Jimmy Fallon, "I find the questions are boring [on the red carpet] and I try to liven it up a bit. There was this woman on the red carpet and she said, 'Oh! It looks like you've lost some weight.' I just looked at her and I went, 'Yeah, I'm dying.'"

And it gets worse. "She goes, 'Ha, ha. So what are you wearing?'" he said. "They don't pay attention.”

That must be why the 45-year-old actor opted to skip the entire red carpet at last night's awards.

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