EXCLUSIVE: Hugh Grant Jokes He's 'Terrified' of Meryl Streep: 'She Takes No Prisoners'

Working with the queen can be a little bit intimidating!

Working with the queen can be a little bit intimidating!

Hugh Grant spoke to ET's Cameron Mathison at the 2017 Screen Actors Guild Awards where he opened up about his Florence Foster Jenkins co-star, Meryl Streep, who he confessed is so good it's scary!

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"Well…she’s very good— she’s a very good actress," the 56-year-old actor explained, revealing he was scared to work with her. "Very, very focused. Takes no prisoners. She’s terrifying."

"Normally, things you're frightened of get better in reality, when you get there it's not as bad as you thought," he added. "But it was frightening throughout, I'm still frightened of her."

"We get on fine, we get on fine," he reassured, adding, "But she's still scary!"

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Meanwhile, Grant also talked about his kids, admitting... they're not the biggest fans of his acting work.

"They hate my career, or at least they don't understand it at all," he joked. "I have very, very small children."

"As far as they're aware, daddy's job is to appear on the side of buses occasionally," he added. "They can't fathom the rest of my job."

Fair enough!

Watch the video below to hear the actor explain why he'd love to go for the Mirrorball Trophy on Dancing With the Stars.