Ayesha Curry on #CoupleGoals With Husband Steph: I'm 'Confident We Can Uphold People's Hopes!' (Exclusive)

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When it comes to Steph and Ayesha Curry’s marriage, it’s beyond a slam dunk.

The pair has managed to outdo themselves time and time again on social media, constantly proving why they’re the embodiment of #CoupleGoals; but if you ask Ayesha, she’s not so sure about it.

“I think it's funny when people say that because it's just funny, what does that actually mean?” the 28-year-old entrepreneur recently told ET during a Facebook Live interview. She continued, “I get it, and we're proud to take that in a sense because pretty much what you see is what you’re going to get and I think that's often times rare these days, so it is nice that that’s the case. I feel pretty confident that we can uphold people's hopes but it is still weird to see that all the time."

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The Currys met as teenagers attending church in Charlotte, North Carolina, but it wasn’t immediate sparks and electricity. It wasn’t until they reconnected years later in Los Angeles that they started dating, and eventually married in 2011.

“Having that friendship first is so important, that foundation of communication and openness and being able to talk to each other and come to each other with whatever it is that's going on,” Ayesha explained. “I feel like the second that you forget to stop and take the time to communicate and look each other in the eyes and have that time together and be silly together and laugh, that’s when you lose it, so it's always important to keep that fire going in order to have a healthy relationship,” she gushed.

The key to maintaining that “fire?” Frequent date nights! The CoverGirl ambassador tells ET she and the 2016 NBA MVP like to keep it simple.

“Go back to the simplicities of when the relationship first started, something as simple as going to a movie or going to dinner or cooking at home is what I love. I love those nights when we get our kids down a little bit early… and then we wait to have that dinner just together and we cook together and we drink wine. It usually ends being the whole bottle which I feel like is great because we're at home!” she dished, laughing. 

The duo clearly cherishes their time together, but inevitably, they're forced to spend time apart traveling for work. Ayesha offered a positive perspective on balancing both of their busy schedules.

She explained, “At this point in our relationship and in our marriage, those two days when he’s away [playing basketball] are actually kind of nice now, and I’m sure a lot of women can relate. Being able to sprawl out on the bed and wear my face mask and put my hair up in my bonnet, honestly it’s nice to have those moments sometimes.”

Arguably equal in popularity are their two daughters, five-year-old Riley and two-year-old Ryan, who make frequent appearances on their parents' social media accounts. Riley even recently joined her dad in a car commercial, but Ayesha says their careers in show business end there, at least for now.

“I think if they ever want to decide to go that route,” she explained, “They have to be at the age where they can make that decision for themselves.”

Although both girls are undeniably adorable and precocious, Ayesha revealed their personalities are actually quite different. “My oldest is more headstrong and adamant about the decisions that she makes and she’s super sassy. My youngest is just so gentle and sweet, but goofy and very very independent,” she gushed.

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As for what their favorite activity to do together as a family is? Cooking, which became even easier since the release of Ayesha’s cookware line which includes complete 11 and 12-piece sets, a dual purpose cutting/serving board, ladles, personalized spatulas and knives, among other items. 

The best-selling cookbook author told ET their passion for cooking goes beyond food. Ayesha explained, “You're giving [your kids] kitchen confidence, you're making them feel accomplished,” and later added, “There's plenty of studies that show that if kids cook with you and have a hand in making whatever it is they're eating, they're more apt to try it.”

For Ayesha, she says her girls have very different taste palettes. While Riley is into no-frills meals, like pasta with butter and parmesan, Ryan actually loves “spice, sauce and flavor.”

Curry is a supporter of Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry campaign and her cookware products help support the charitable cause by providing up by 500,000 meals to children in need. 

Watch Ayesha’s Facebook Live chat below.

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