Ayo Edebiri Gets 'Saturday Night Live' Cast Hyped for Her Hosting Debut -- With Some Help From Jennifer Lopez

'The Bear' star is making her hosting debut during this weekend's show.

Ayo Edebiri is the perfect coach to help the cast of Saturday Night Live get pumped! 

In the latest promo video for Saturday's show, the 28-year-old has a few words for cast members Mikey Day, Molly Kearney and Ego Nwodim as they lie in the empty studio and complain about going back to work. 

"What's this I'm hearing?" Edebiri says as she walks into the room wearing a leather dress. "This show could be the greatest show of our lives and you're just going to let that opportunity slip away?"

"One hundred million people will be watching," she says while holding a clipboard that came out of nowhere. 

"Probably not," Day retorts.

"Oh really," Edebiri says, this time wearing a headset. "'Cause I just heard, we're following the Super Bowl." 

"Isn't that on a Sunday?" Nwodim asks. 

"This is going to be the first show that will be live on a Saturday night," Edebiri says, as she somehow got into a Saturday Night Live hat, and a crewneck resembling a football coach.

Clearly not fazed, the SNL cast members inform her that her latest fact was a lie.

Fully committing to the bit, Edebiri's voice gets a little higher as she pulls one more motivational stop out of her hat. 

"I just wanted to get you guys hyped because this is my first time hosting and J.Lo's also going to be the musical guest," she says.

Clearly excited by the J.Lo news, the trio of comedians immediately change their tune about returning to work for Saturday's show as they chant Lopez's name while exiting the studio and smacking the monitor above them.

The star of The Bear is set to host for the first time on Saturday with Lopez as the musical guest. After the news was announced last week, she took to Instagram to gush about the moment. 

"one for grid bc I still can’t believe it," she wrote next to the picture of the SNL sticky note announcement featuring her and Lopez's names. 

Earlier this month, Edebiri won the Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for The Bear. Following her big moment, ET spoke with the actress, who shared what taking home the honor meant to her. 

"My name was in league with a lot of really amazing performances and shows in their final season and all that stuff. I'm just really, really floored," she said, before acknowledging the success of The Bear overall at the Emmys, calling herself and her co-workers "very, very, very fortunate." 

"I think that's really all you can say," she said. "It's weird, these things, they make it win or lose, but I love TV. I love watching TV. The shows and performances that we were nominated alongside are so good. To have any sort of recognition really, especially from our peers, is stunning and humbling and really nice."


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