'Bachelor' Alum Caroline Lunny Shares Coronavirus Diagnosis After Comments 'Attack' Her for Wearing Mask

Caroline Lunny Las Vegas
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Caroline Bunny has coronavirus. 

The Bachelor alum shared her diagnosis on Instagram on Wednesday, after she said she was attacked for posting a photo of herself wearing a mask. Though she says she has a mild case of the flu-like virus, she knows of others who have been hit harder by COVID-19, and encouraged fans to stay home to do their part to slow the spread of the disease. 

"I have coronavirus. I don’t know why I feel embarrassed by this, like I feel like no one is ever going to want to hang out with me ever again. But everyone was dming me attacking me for wearing this mask yesterday when healthcare workers need them," Lunny wrote. "I’m so grateful for all the doctors, nurses, healthcare workers, delivery people, grocery store workers, and everyone else who’s on the front line making this world keep turning right now. But please stop dming me and attacking me and saying awful things to me for wearing a mask to protect my family. Im allowed to wear a mask." 

Lunny continued, "I cannot stress enough how much you need to STAY HOME. I luckily have a mild case, I’m going to live. But ANYONE can get this. I’m young and healthy. And this is only going to get worse before it gets better. So stay home." 

"This is scary, this is dangerous. My best friend just lost her grandmother to covid-19. I have a mild case, luckily... but it makes me think about how many other people may have it and not even know. How many have it and dismiss it as allergies or just a cold. I have had worse flus than I have now. But just because it’s mild in one person, doesn’t mean it couldn’t kill the next," she wrote. "So stay home. Watch a show. Wash your hands. Just be smart. Do your part to flatten the curve!"

"I’m lonely AF. I GET IT! I haven’t seen another human up close in 14 days now. But this will eventually pass. We have to do our part to flatten the curve. The longer we don’t sit still, the longer this is going to be, and more people will die. We are not invincible. STAY HOME PLEASE! See you all in a month ♥️? stay healthy xoxo," Lunny concluded. 

Lunny is the latest in a string of famous figures to reveal their coronavirus diagnoses. Fellow Bachelor alum Colton Underwood shared his diagnosis last month, and recently opened up to ET about how he's been recovering. 

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