'Bachelor' Alum Juelia Kinney Says She Was 'Basically Homeless' After Her House Recently Burned Down

Juelia Kinney attends the exclusive premiere party for Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars Season 9
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It's been a stressful time for Juelia Kinney. 

Like many people these days, the Bachelor alum and her family have been trying to self-quarantine amid the coronavirus pandemic. However, as Kinney revealed on Instagram on Monday, the outbreak came soon after her house burned down, leaving her "basically homeless."  

“About a month and a half ago, I left for work in the morning, took Ireland to school and got a call that we had a fire in our house," Kinney shared. "My heart started beating rapidly- I had no idea what to expect. Were our dogs ok? Was everything ruined? The fire department told me they had to break down our front door to get in and thank God our dogs ran out and seemed ok."

"I've been through enough to know that all that matters is that we are all alive and well," she continued. "I got to the house and met with the fire department for a couple hours before I could see inside. It was an electrical fire from the stove. So thankful it didn’t happen while we were sleeping ?? Our house was inhabitable from that point and we were basically homeless…" 

Kinney and her fiance, Aaron Bass (the brother of fellow Bachelor in Paradise alum Evan Bass), ended up renting an Airbnb. Her daughter, 7-year-old Ireland, "cried but took it the best she could." 

"We ended up finding a place within a week which we were super thankful for. We were able to salvage some of our furniture and worked together to clean it all piece by piece. Showed me another side of Aaron I didn’t get to see before, that even when things get tough, and honestly really sucks... he sticks by my side, is always positive and even makes me laugh," she added. 

Kinney first entered Bachelor Nation on Chris Soules' season of The Bachelor in 2015. She later appeared on Bachelor in Paradise. Kinney's husband -- and Ireland's father -- died by suicide in 2013. She and Bass got engaged in 2018, but as she also explained on Instagram, due to the coronavirus outbreak, their wedding might be put on hold. 

"Now that California is most likely closed through May 15th, it [is] very unlikely we will be able to have our wedding as planned," she said. "We are really disappointed but through all of this I again know that although I don’t think all things happen for a reason, but what I do know is that GOOD ALWAYS COMES NO MATTER WHAT." 

See more on Bachelor Nation in the video below. 


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