'Bachelor' Creator Says Peter Kraus Will 'Probably' Not Be the Show's Next Lead

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Is Peter Kraus out of the running to become the next Bachelor

That's what the show's creator, Mike Fleiss, is suggesting.

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After stringing fans along for weeks, giving clues as to who the next lead will be, Fleiss took to Twitter on Wednesday to reveal that Kraus will "probably" not be Bachelor No. 22. 

Of course, Fleiss is known to tease viewers, and some weren't having it.

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While we "probably" think Kraus is still the frontrunner, one thing's for sure: the big Bachelor announcement will happen soon. 

"Working out final details for the shocking announcement regarding #TheBachelor," Fleiss tweeted on Tuesday. "Might succumb to pressure and let GMA do it. Might not..."

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Bachelor host Chris Harrison told ET last week that Kraus was still a "viable candidate" -- and that he would like to make the Bachelor reveal himself. 

"I'd like to make an announcement live on the air during Miss America!" Harrison, who is hosting the competition on Sept. 10, shared. "That's what I'm pushing for. That's selfish, but that's what I'm pushing for." 

See more in the video below.