'Bachelor in Paradise' Episode 4 Recap: 'Total Chaos' Breaks Out on the Beach

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No couples are safe in Paradise. Monday's episode of Bachelor in Paradise was chock full of both hookups and breakups, all of which ET is breaking down in the recap below.

The boom boom room spelled trouble for one established couple, before two new arrivals sent other formerly strong matches into a tailspin.

A friend's betrayal caused problems on the beach, but one couple rose above it all to grow their connection even more. Two love triangles erupted, with one ending in a fiery showdown and the other leading to an uncomfortable confrontation.

Keep reading for a full recap of episode four of Bachelor in Paradise.

There's trouble in Paradise for Jessenia and Ivan

After their one-on-one date in episode two, Ivan was feeling as if he and Jessenia were "the strongest couple," and was looking to take things exclusive with an eye on an engagement. The arrival of Chris Conran from Clare Crawley's season of The Bachelorette put that in jeopardy, though.

"I’m 100 percent going to scoop her up and I can’t wait to do it," Chris said of Jessenia as he arrived on the beach with his friend, Chasen Nick.

While Chris told Jessenia that she was "the main person" he wanted to meet in Paradise, Chasen wooed Deandra, who was "caught off guard" by her attraction to the newest arrival after previously spending time with Karl. The women ended up accepting a double date with the men, despite Ivan and Karl's disappointment.

That date consisted of a visit to an intimacy guru, where the men blew all over the women's bodies as they laid next to each other on a bed, before they did poses from the Kama Sutra. Deandra was "oddly relaxed" during the experience, while Jessenia got flustered when Chris blew on her neck.

After the group portion of the date, Jessenia admitted to Chris that there's "one thing missing" from her relationship with Ivan, adding, "It’s weird because you seem to fill that missing thing." The pair ended up kissing while sharing a strawberry.

When the foursome arrived back at the beach, Ivan was hoping to make things exclusive with Jessenia, but she told him that her mind was "a little all over the place."

"You fit so many boxes for me and it makes me really happy. I feel so comfortable with you, but there’s this spark I’ve been looking for and I’m not sure if it’s there yet," she said. "But with Chris, I feel that spark and I’m trying to figure out if he fills the boxes."

A disappointed Ivan walked away and admitted in a confessional that his feelings were "definitely hurt."

Meanwhile, Karl tried to turn Deandra's attention from Ivan by giving her a charm bracelet, which she found "thoughtful." Chasen kept interrupting the moment, though, and eventually Deandra walked away from Karl, hand in hand with Chasen.

"He’s just a leprechaun handing out lucky charms to try and get a rose from Deandra," Chasen said of Karl.

Demi Swoops in on Kenny

Amid the drama surrounding the double date, Mari was questioning her relationship with Kenny. She told him as much, admitting that she'd accept a date from someone else if asked, because she didn't want any "what ifs." 

Kenny, upset that Mari may not have as strong of feelings for him as he did for her, clarified that it was "a two-way street" in terms of dating, leaving Mari convinced she had "f**ked things up."

Mari ran to Demi to both vent about the problems in her relationship and encourage her friend to make a move on someone. Demi responded by doing just that on Kenny, who she said was "so sexy."

Demi and Kenny ended up making out in full view of Mari, who thought that Kenny might fight for her after their conversation.

Things came to a head later in the episode, when Kenny admitted around a bonfire that he most wanted to have sex with Mari. Demi entered the group then, bringing a belated birthday cake for Kenny.

"Who does she think she is?" Mari questioned. "It’s kind of comical that she’s trying so hard. Demi is not what Kenny is looking for. Maturity-wise, she’s definitely not what he wants."

Kenny was a fan of Demi's surprise, which continued with a condom-filled piñata.

"I honestly don’t care about how Mari feels about Kenny anymore," Demi said. "All’s fair in love and war. I want him and I will do whatever I need to do." 

Mari, meanwhile, responded to Demi's surprise by throwing Kenny's birthday cake in the fire.

"Kenny’s on the Demi train right now. I hope it f**king crashes," she said. "Demi’s pushing buttons and getting away with things. I’m over it. I’m mad as hell about it. And now I feel like there’s no going back. There’s no fixing it. One person can only take so much."

Mari next confronted Demi, telling her that she felt "betrayed and hurt," before revealing what Kenny had said about wanting to have sex with her.

"Are you cool with being a second option? Because two minutes before you walked down, he said he wanted to f**k me," Mari said. "How does that sound?" 

"I don’t care! I want to f**k people here, too," Demi replied. "That’s what we’re doing here. We’re dating, dude… Hate me. I don’t care, dude."

In a confessional, Demi sang much of the same tune, saying, "Mari wants to have her cake and eat it too, so she threw mine in the fire." 

After an uncomfortable chat between Mari and Kenny, during which Mari called him "disrespectful" and Kenny called their relationship "toxic" in a confessional, Demi pulled her new love interest into the boom boom room.

While Mari was still holding out hope for a relationship with Kenny when the cocktail party began, that was quickly dashed when he announced to the group that he was "really liking" his relationship with Demi.

Connor's Boom Boom Room Devastation

While Connor and Maurissa got off to a strong start in Paradise, their relationship was thrown into question when she went on a date with Riley that ended in the boom boom room.

"Last night was a perfect date and I can’t lie, I’m kinda feeling Riley," Maurissa said in a confessional at the beginning of Monday's episode. "Connor is such a sweetheart. He’s amazing. But Riley is like a dream man in my eyes. Riley is an amazing kisser and literally everything a woman needs. It completely blew me away. I’m very, very excited to know even more about Riley in all kinds of ways." 

Maurissa wasn't as forthcoming with Connor, though, and was wishy washy when he asked her out on a homemade date later that night. It was Tahzjuan who ended up telling Connor about Maurissa's visit to the boom boom room.

"Oh f**k. Why didn’t she tell me that?" Connor questioned, before admitting in a confessional that he now felt as if he was just "the friendly guy that everybody likes."

Amid Connor's crumbling relationship, Brendan and Natasha strengthened their bond thanks to some advice from guest host Lance Bass, a strategic massage from Natasha, and a long-awaited first kiss.

Joe and Serena Are All-In

After Serena rejected Thomas in favor of Joe in the previous episode, the former grocery store owner finally got a chance to take her on a date.

The pair's date took place in a large auditorium, where they ate dinner at a table inside a boxing ring. After some jokes about wrestling later, things took a serious turn, with Serena questioning Joe about his relationship with his ex, Kendall Long.

The former couple met in Paradise and dated for years, before splitting up when they couldn't decide where to live. Serena responded by questioning, "If she’d been willing to move to Chicago, would you be married with kids right now?" 

"I don’t know, because I don’t know if that would’ve worked," Joe replied. "I don’t know if she would’ve been happy being there. So probably not." 

After assuring Serena that his romantic relationship with Kendall was "done," and would remain so even if she showed up in Paradise, Joe questioned his date about her romantic past.

Serena revealed that she and her ex broke up because she felt as if she "was bringing 90 percent of the effort," before sharing that she came to Paradise for a relationship.

"I’m only going to leave with a relationship that I’m all-in, 100 percent on," she said, before Joe agreed, "Hopefully we can get to a point where we’re more exclusive because I’m into you." 

After the pair donned costumes and pretended to fight in the wrestling ring, Joe said in a confessional, "I am 100 percent all-in on Serena... I'm leaving the date knowing I could potentially fall in love with her."

Tammy + Thomas = Trouble for Aaron

As everyone else's drama played out, Aaron was "laser focused" on Tammy, which is why he was surprised to see her walk away with his "mortal enemy," Thomas.

While Aaron watched on, Tammy and Thomas bonded over being portrayed as villains on their seasons, before Thomas told her that she's been his "entire highlight of Paradise."

Tammy responded by kissing and straddling Thomas, all while Aaron looked on from down the beach, fuming about being "blindsided" by "the most insulting thing ever."

Later, Aaron confronted Thomas, who told him, "What I feel with Tammy is the reason why I’m here." 

Aaron wasn't convinced, though, telling Thomas, "When I see you guys walk to that daybed right in front of me and get physical, it’s extremely disrespectful. In front of everyone! It’s humiliating. I spent a week building this and now everyone’s pitying me. It puts me right back into the mindset [I had] on The Bachelorette… I deserve some respect and communication." 

Tammy watched the disagreement play out as she questioned what she was going to do.

Bachelorette Becca Arrives to Paradise

The preview for Tuesday night's episode suggests that it'll pick up right where Monday's left off, with Aaron telling Tammy, "You completely sacrificed everything we had built and you will regret it like no other. I promise you."

There are tears from Tammy and Abigail as Demi proclaims, "I’m fully prepared to just be massacred out here." 

Meanwhile, things are getting hot and heavy with Deandra and Chasen, much to Karl's disgust. "Scumbags like you just come in and you just try to get in her pants," Karl tells Chasen.

Everything takes a backseat, though, when former Bachelorette Becca Kufrin arrives to Paradise.

"It’s Becca! What is she doing here?" Karl questions. "The Paradise gods have heard my cry and they have delivered." 

Tia arrives to the beach next, and may throw a wrench on Kenny and Demi's romance. "He is the full package and has the full package," Tia says while on a date with Kenny.

As Joe tells Serena that he thinks they're "the strongest couple out here," Kendall makes her way onto the beach. 

"F**k," Joe says as he sees his ex approach.

Bachelor in Paradise's second episode of the week will air Tuesday, Aug. 31, on ABC. Check out all of ET's coverage for the latest drama on the beach.


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