'Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart': Winners on Their Romance Post-Finale & If They'll Get Married (Exclusive)

The pair's debut album is out now.

After six dramatic, emotional, musical episodes, The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart came to a close on Monday night, crowning its first-ever winners. 

The two-hour finale began with three couples in the running for a joint tour and album: Rudi Gutierrez and Matt Ranaudo, Jamie Gabrielle and Trevor Holmes and Chris Watson and Bri Stauss. Rudi and Matt broke up before they even hit the stage for the final competition, while Jamie and Trevor and Chris and Bri were invited to take their relationships to the next level in the fantasy suites and prepared to sing their hearts out for celeb judges Rita Wilson, Jewel, Taye Diggs, Kaitlyn Bristowe and Jason Tartick. 

After incredible performances, host Chris Harrison announced the show's winners: Chris and Bri! The couple has (surprise!) already recorded and released a new album and while the coronavirus pandemic has interrupted their plans for a tour, their relationship is still going strong. As they told ET's Lauren Zima, they've even discussed their plans to get married. 

"It's definitely been a topic of discussion," Chris told ET. "But I'm not trying to get married tomorrow. And I know Bri isn't either. We're not trying to get married next month, but in the future, for sure."

Bri came on to Listen to Your Heart after recovering from a broken engagement. She was hopeful about finding love on the show, but still skeptical. Then, she met Chris. It only took "two days" for her to know he was the one for her. 

"Once I met her, I'm like, 'All right, well, I don't need to be with anybody else. So, we're good," Chris admitted. 


The pair's feelings for each other on the show were genuine, and if it weren't for the pandemic, they would be spending every moment together. The two have been quarantining apart for weeks. 

"We are absolutely trying to be together. All this took us by surprise, and we were expecting to be together sooner or to have things opened up sooner," Bri said. "I have a compromised immune system, and so traveling is the biggest issue." 

"I'm not super great with long-distance relationships in the past, but apparently when you find the right person, it isn't challenging," she confessed. "We've had lots of FaceTime dates. We talk multiple times a day. So, it's been really wonderful in a different way."

Chris is also frustrated by the barriers he and Bri are experiencing, but is keeping it all in perspective. "It's the craziest time for anybody. We're all going through this together," he said. "My mom's a physician, so she's one of the frontline workers. I know what it's like for people who are really experiencing this pandemic in the worst way, so we just have to be thankful that we're healthy and that we're still able to accomplish everything that we've done." 

"We're kind of just taking it day by day, especially with, you know, the current climate," Bri agreed, but said they're "pretty optimistic for the future." 

Chris and Bri were on the same page for almost the entirety of Listen to Your Heart. They worked together well musically and were respectful of each other's relationship boundaries. Bri notably expressed how she didn't want to get physical with Chris in the fantasy suite. 

"Physical intimacy is something I take very serious and Chris does as well. So, luckily we had a mutual agreement on that and I didn't want to rush into anything... because there's an opportunity," Bri explained. "I wanted to continue to build our foundation without everything else getting mixed up in there."

"What's messed me up in the past is, like, really just being physically intimate with anybody, and it messes up with all the emotions," Chris added. "We want to give ourselves the best shot. And if that means just like, you know, taking it slow and hanging out, then girl, that's what I'm gonna do." 

"We haven't had sex," he revealed. "It's not something that, you know, we're trying to do before we get married." 

In the meantime, music is the focus for the pair. Their debut album, Chris & Bri, is available on all streaming platforms now. 

"Somehow, we made an album. In two months, in different states recording, in different studios, writing everything through FaceTime," Bri said. "I was able to come to L.A. for two weekends before the lockdown happened and then the rest was finished through FaceTime, and it was just insane." 

The album is a combination of songs the couple sang on Listen to Your Heart and original music. 

"What I've learned about music -- it's one of the most important things to me. So, I think that whoever I'm sharing the most intimate, most important parts of my life [with], that person should also be a musician," Chris said. "Finding Bri and getting to explore and know each other more... everything is becoming more of a reality that this could be what our lives are going to be." 

"That's why we came on to the show, because it just sounded too good to be true [to find love and a music career]. But it's happening," Bri gushed. 

See more on Listen to Your Heart in the video below. 


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