'The Bachelor': One Contestant Schools Arie on Why He Dates Moms, Calls Out Women for 'Energy of Desperation'

And Annaliese unearths another childhood trauma!

Tell us, Bekah!

The Bachelor contestant may be the youngest one in the bunch at just 22, but she proved she was wise beyond her years during Monday's episode of the ABC dating show. The L.A.-based nanny continues to be the closest thing to a spitfire in a snoozy season (seriously, where is the DRAMA?!?!?), and read Arie Luyendyk Jr. like a book during the latest cocktail party. 

"I guess my question would be, do you want to get married? I know you say you do, but I'm kind of guarding my heart a little bit with you," Luyendyk told Bekah as the two lounged about on the candlelit daybed Bibiana set up for him, but never got to enjoy (more on that later). 

"You know why? Because I'm unsafe. And you know why? It's because I think you know that I don't need you," Bekah teased. "But I'm serious, because it's like, based on what you've said, you've been attracted consistently to people who need you more than you need them, and it's scary to be with someone who doesn't need you to complete them."

"Maybe that's why you like moms too," she suggested. 

"Gosh, you're blowing my mind right now," Arie laughed. "Who are you and where do you come from? You're so risky for me. I love it." 

While Arie clearly couldn't be more smitten with Bekah, other women weren't as lucky -- and the "energy of desperation," as Bekah likes to call it, was felt throughout the house. 

With only two women sent home this week, the women that the Bachelor wasn't feeling was 100 percent clear. First, Annaliese, who finally got an adult trauma to go with her weekly childhood traumas unearthed by Bachelor dates (seriously, girl?) when Arie refused to kiss her and then sent her home, and then Bibiana, whose romantic gesture was used as the Bachelor's hiding spot to kiss LITERALLY EVERYONE BUT HER.

The kissing continues next week, when the group heads off to Tahoe for makeout sessions up north, more Krystal madness and a Bekah age reveal!

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. 

See more on the show in the video below. 



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