'Bachelor Winter Games': Love Triangles, Tears and Trouble Heat Up Night 1

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The Bachelor Winter Games are officially here!

The Bachelor franchise premiered its latest spinoff on Tuesday night, and we've gotta say -- we're kind of loving it. With over 10 different countries represented among the international constants who came together with our Bachelor Nation favorites, Winter Games was more than just "amazing" (looking at you, Arie Luyendyk Jr.). It was incroyable, tolle and fantastiskt!

There was a 100 percent cheesy opening ceremony featuring a cringe-worthy Bachelor national anthem and completely unreasonable athletic competitions, but most importantly, there was international love!

While it's going to take us a little bit to get to know the show's contestants from New Zealand, Australia and more, several Bachelors and Bachelorettes stood out in the premiere -- so in Winter Games style, we're awarding them medals. 

GOLD: Ally's Badonkadonk

Tuesday's gold medal goes to Ally and her perfect posterior. Though the New Zealand native admitted that the "slim" ladies of The Bachelor made her a bit insecure, her curves quickly won over Josiah, who hilariously explained that "we like them thick in the U.S.," before grabbing a piece of that booty for a passionate makeout session. 

Ally's butt also came center stage during the show's first competition, when she fell off her skis and cried over hitting her "bum bone." "My a** is bloody sore," she shared while visiting the medic -- prompting Josiah to reveal it "hurts" his heart to see her suffer. True love!

SILVER: Clare's Confidence

We are living for Clare's carefree attitude this season! After promising we would never see her on another Bachelor show, our favorite Juan Pablo teller-offer (still thinking about her bada** exit in the finale) returned -- and piqued the interest of two different guys. Both Benoit and Christian expressed an interest in Clare from Day 1, and she proved she's not afraid to explore relationships with each. The hairstylist boldly kissed Benoit in the kitchen, and later told Christian that she'd love to get to know him more. 

Keep doin' you, girl!

BRONZE: Ashley I's Meltdown

She's the only Ashley on the show, but she still embraces being called Ashley I -- just like she embraces her completely over dramatic nature. After "sensing interest" from Canadian Kevin (who looks like trouble), Ashley couldn't keep it together when he ended up choosing Bibiana for his date. "It's literally been a pattern the last two years! I just don't know what I'm doing. Friend zone central!" she cried to the camera. "It sucks that the one guy I had interest in of course went on a date tonight. I have to watch it all. Why don't I ever get picked?" 

"Why does this always happen?" she continued, quickly melting down in front of the rest of the cast while Kevin and Bibi headed off on their date. 


Mad props to Yuki, who decided to come on this show knowing just a few words in English -- and making it through the first rose ceremony! While not being able to really communicate could've put the Japanese contestant in jeopardy of being sent home in the show's vote-off rose ceremony, Yuki's adorable personality and hilarious moments of being lost in translation proved she has what it takes for good TV. Arigato!

Three women and two men were sent home on Tuesday night's episode, but according to the promo, there's still a whole lot of love to go around! 

Winter Games returns Thursday, Feb. 15 and Tuesday, Feb. 20, before holding its finale on Thursday, Feb. 22. 


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