'Bachelorette' Tayshia Adams Shares Heartfelt Note Ahead of Season Finale

tayshia adams Bachelorette

Tayshia is feeling extra 'grateful' as her journey comes to an end.

Tayshia Adams' journey as the Bachelorette was a little unconventional, but she couldn't be more grateful. The 30-year-old shared a heartfelt note about her "challenging" but rewarding season on Saturday, thanking fans for their support ahead of her finale. 

"I woke up this morning feeling extra grateful. ✨," she began. "Grateful for my past as it has led me to the now. Grateful for the opportunities that have come into my life over the past several months, allowing endless possibilities. Most of all, I am grateful that I have had the chance to show my true authentic self, and share my heart, with all of you as you've watched my journey unfold." 

"I’ll have to be the first one to admit that this whole reality tv thing isn’t easy," continued Tayshia, who had previously spoken out advocating for the privacy of her ex-husband, Josh Bourelle (who recently gave an interview about their marriage and split). "Being only human, sometimes all of this is taxing. The last couple weeks have been a rollercoaster to say the least!" 

With just two episodes left, the Bachelorette said that watching the show recently, she's had to relive "so much of what made this experience challenging." 

"It’s like I’ve been going through elements of it all a second time around. That being said, at times the ranging emotions have taken a toll on me and other times brought me so much hope, cheer and joy, all in real time," she shared. "But I genuinely gave it my all during the whole experience and will take something away from each of the men I had the opportunity to meet and connect with."

"Thank you to all of you for being a part of this journey with me. I appreciate more than you know the immense amount of positive love and support I've received since the beginning, it has not gone unnoticed! It's crazy to think the end is near, but I am excited for you to see where my heart leads me," she concluded. "While bittersweet, I know this is just the end of one chapter, and I can't wait to see where life takes me next. Let's fricken gooooooo. 💋✨🌹Signing off with love, your bachelorette xo." 

In a recent interview with ET, host Chris Harrison said that Tayshia's finale will be very "emotional." 

"It's a side of Tayshia that we don't really get to see very often," he said. "She's this bubbly, gorgeous woman that we always just see in this certain light. So when you see her vulnerable, when you see her brokenhearted and you see her at that level -- it's just different. It really does hit you in a different way." 

"Just as much as the guys are into this, Tayshia is in deep. She has unbelievably strong feelings, she is falling in love. But is that going to be reciprocated fully in the way that she wants it to be? Maybe those scenes are telling in how this ends up," Chris added. 

The season finale of The Bachelorette will air over two nights, on Monday and Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. ET's Lauren Zima will be recapping everything that goes down, directly after each episode. Watch ET Live on your Roku, Apple TV or Amazon Fire TV or you can stream on Pluto TV and Samsung TV Plus.