Backstage With Lady Antebellum: On Their Vegas Residency and New Album (Exclusive)

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It's full steam ahead for Lady Antebellum

As the band geared up to launch their new single, "What If I Never Get Over You," in Las Vegas last month, only ET was invited along for the ride. First up, a new song representing a new chapter in their career. 

"Last night, we all stayed up making sure [the song] got online and checking some early responses," Dave Haywood admitted backstage at the Palms Casino Resort's Pearl Theater. "The responses have been incredible, so it's blown us away. We haven't felt this kind of buzz and energy probably since 'Need You Now' or some of those early records."

That's a promising sign, as the song is meant to mark a return to Lady A's roots. It's their first offering since joining the Big Machine roster and will be featured on their upcoming full-length album. 

"It's kind of a return to the sound of those first couple records and I think naturally we just wanted to push ourselves and try new things," Charles Kelley says. "The sound of, like, 'Bartender' and 'You Look Good' are so much different than the sound of 'Need You Now' or 'I Run to You,' and I feel like we're definitely getting back to the beginning."

The trio aims to mix honest and heartfelt tracks with danceable tunes on their upcoming album, which they'll continue recording this summer before returning for more Sin City shows in August. 

"It's a new season in our lives," Kelley adds. "We feel very comfortable with who we are as people and where we're going. We don't need to be the biggest band in the world, but we still feel like we have a lot to say and prove to ourselves and the fans."

Chief among the changes in their lives is the expansion of their families. Since releasing their 2017 album, Heart Break, the band's brood has expanded from three children to six. Haywood welcomed a daughter in December 2017 and Hillary Scott gave birth to twin girls a month later. 

"I'm more passionate, I think, and I feel like my heart grew times two when my girls were born," Scott gushes. "I look at them and want to make them proud, and truly try to make decisions and find inspiration based on wanting them to be good humans. Wanting to empower them and make them feel like there's not a dream that they can't chase, and wanting them to find joy and purpose. 

"So that's what we're trying to do in the art that we create," she continues. "Seeing it connect with the fans is the most gratifying, rewarding feeling in the world."

After our interview, Scott, Kelley and Haywood would go on to perform an intimate concert and Q&A for 30 handpicked fans, which streamed live on Facebook. That night, they hit the red carpet in celebration of Vegas Magazine before taking the stage once again for their Our Kinda Vegas residency. 

"It's got little of everything," Kelley explains. "We wanted to take a little bit of the different facets of our sound and what we love to do. We've got a lot of fun, uptempo songs that people kinda want to party to, and a lot of our favorite songs, too, in the more stripped-down moments. We kinda come out of the gates swinging, but we have a really long storytelling kind of moment in the middle. That's always our favorite, 'cause that's who we are as a band. We're songwriters first and we love that interaction [with the audience]." 

See more behind-the-scenes moments with Lady A in the video above. 

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