Backstreet Boys' Nick Carter & AJ McLean and *NSYNC's Lance Bass & Joey Fatone Tease New Collab

Carter, Bass and Fatone did an Instagram Live on Wednesday where they teased a Pride Month collab coming soon.

Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC fans rejoice!

There's something brewing between the members of the beloved late '90s boy bands. On Wednesday, Nick Carter, 41, and Lance Bass, 42, connected on an Instagram Live, where they reminisced on their days in the rival groups, spoke about their current lives, and teased an exciting new project with BSB's A.J. McLean, 43, and *NSYNC's Joey Fatone, 44.

Carter first kicked off the conversation by congratulating Bass on the news that he and his husband, Michael Turchin, are going to be having twins. "It's great. They're growing beautifully, two babies," Bass said, also congratulating Carter on his latest addition, baby girl Pearl.

Fatone later joined the conversation where they shared that the group, including McLean, had something up their sleeves for Pride Month.

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"Since it is Pride Month, I guess we can kind of tease something," Carter began. "What we're talking about doing…We can't give away too much. So basically, Lance, Joey, myself, A.J. maybe, we're just going to say we're going to be doing something special. We're going to announce it in the next week…And it's going to be huge. It's going to be really big and we're really excited."

Bass added, "We're doing it for Pride, which will be really good."

"It's one of those things where all Pride is really near and dear to our hearts," added Fatone. "We all live in the entertainment community where there is a lot of LGBTQ and we embrace that."

Before the tease, Bass also touched on his days in *NSYNC and how he felt there was no way for him to "tell my truth" and come out. "But how much more fun would it have been to be able to be out," he expressed. "It would have been so much fun. I wish I could go back and change it all."

"Times have definitely, thank the lord, are changing," Fatone also said.

Elsewhere in the conversation, Bass and Carter asked each other questions about their time in their bands and their rivalry.

"The rivalry was fun. It was fun to have your team…But then sometimes it goes a little overboard and I think right now this world is very volatile and divided," Bass expressed, adding that now was the perfect time to collaborate with Carter, who added, "Spread the love."

They also shared their favorite songs from each other's groups, with Bass loving "The Call" and Carter wishing BSB sang "I Want You Back." Bass also shared that the *NSYNC song he dislikes the most is "Here We Go," while Carter's is "If You Want It to Be Good Girl (Get Yourself a Bad Boy)."

The conversation also touched on how their late former manager Lou Perlman tried to pit them against each other, and how years later they "have a bond" and have become friends.

Carter and Bass also teased another project called Tsuki Saves the World to "use Crypto currency as a means to do something bigger."

Carter and Bass first teased a project together back in September. ET spoke with Carter in December, where he shared a brief update on what the two were up to.

"We had this idea of something that [we're] not giving it out quite yet, but with everything that's been going on…We've been playing phone tag," he shared. "All I can say is it's in the realm of what we said, a collaboration, and that's all I'm gonna say right now. But we're still talking."  

When asked if he could describe their collaboration in three words, he teased, "Exciting, diverse and I guess you could say liberating."



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