Becky G Explains Controversial 'Mayores' Lyric Was 'Done With Intention' (Exclusive)

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Becky G is setting the record straight!


With nearly 800 million views on YouTube, the 20-year-old singer has scored a massive smash with her infectious Spanish single, “Mayores.” The tongue-in-cheek bop about fancying older gentlemen features racy lyrics that fans can’t seem to stop discussing.


“I think it's great. I'm not one to say, ‘Bad press is good press because people are talking.’ Not at all. That lyric was done with intention,” Becky explained to ET on Thursday, just ahead of her Mi Musica show presented by JCPenney at the iHeartRadio Theater in Los Angeles.


The brunette beauty continued, “It was very well thought of. It's clear that I'm speaking about the kisses and that's not my responsibility what other people think of when they hear the lyric.”


Becky said she’s using the narrative of “Mayores” to start a conversation about feminism in music. “With the platform that I have been given, I can act on being a feminist and show people, 'Oh, why is that you don't like when a woman does it?’ but all these years of urban, reggaeton male artists singing all these lyrics that are by far worse, it's totally fine and doesn't make people feel uncomfortable, so I wanted people to shift in their seats and think a little harder, so I'm very happy with how it played out,” she explained.

“Mayores” marks the fourth single off Becky’s upcoming Spanish-language album. She told ET that she’s hard at work at completing the record and hopes to release it by mid-2018. She also added she’ll “hopefully” go on tour next year.


When asked about her transition from English to Spanish music, Becky said she feels “so blessed” that both audiences have warmly embraced her. Her plan to avoid alienating her original audience that may not understand Spanish? Making “mini movies” as music videos that tell a unique story.


“If I can express to them and explain to them the meaning of the song with a captivating music video that has a twisty storyline, why not?” Becky shared. “There's the Pisces side of me that has a crazy fantasy side of coming up with all these stories and my imagination and I get lost in the clouds a lot and I'm so lucky that with my career, that really allows me to express those ideas.”

The result of all that creativity? A much more mature and sexier Becky onscreen. She conceptualized every storyline seen in her music videos this year, from faking her own death in “Sola,” to nearly getting married in “Todo Cambio,” and even seducing an older man (and robbing him!) in “Mayores.”

“This year was the year of showing people I am a woman and I can be sexy, but not only that, but I can talk about real things,” Becky said. “People have now seen me go through heartbreak or be in love or go through hard times and I think that really comes through in the music and people are more understanding of that because they see that I'm a human being. It's like telling a baby not to grow up. It's going to grow up!”

As for how Becky’s family and boyfriend, professional soccer player Sebastian Lletget, handle watching the steamy videos? Becky gushed, “They love it. That's a good thing!”

The iHeartRadio Mi Musica concert presented by JCPenney will be broadcast across select mainstream Spanish stations and video stream on on Dec. 15 at 10 p.m. ET/7p.m. PT.


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