Becky G Says 'No Drama' Is Her Current Mood (Exclusive)

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Becky G has one simple plea right now: "No Drama."

That’s the title for the 23-year-old global superstar’s new single, which finds her collaborating with another Latinx superstar, Ozuna.

“2020 has been loaded with drama. Political drama, coronavirus drama, mental health crisis drama. For me, I'm just like, yo, ‘No Drama’ is my mood for 2020,” she shared with ET’s Deidre Behar. “Like, no more, I'm good!”

The song, which was co-written by Becky G and Ozuna, is the first time the two singers have worked together. Not for lack of trying, though. As Becky G told ET, she and the Puerto Rican artist had long been in talks to find the right project to collaborate on. “No Drama” felt like the perfect fit for the two Latin GRAMMY nominees.

“It's funny 'cause we made it last year and then all of this has happened and it just was meant to be. It feels that way," she said. "And then you throw the amazingness of what is Ozuna on top of the record and what he brings as an artist and such a distinctive sound and style, it just-- it feels super meant to be.”

The music video for "No Drama," filmed with the strictest of provisions to keep everyone involved safe from COVID-19, was a return to work for both artists, who have diligently been quarantining with family over the last few months.

“We both bonded over what a huge blessing in disguise this has been for us, as well as acknowledging that that hasn't been the case for a lot of people,” she said. “Our situations are very unique because, for me, I spent the last two years of my life touring. Me and Sebastian, we live together and I barely ever saw him. This is the first time in four years of relationship we can actually, like, co-exist and live together.”

In keeping with that spirit, the video puts the emphasis on the two singers -- she in a swing and in a cove, he in a smoky desert. The simplicity lets the song’s lyrics come through: "No drama, no drama, no drama,” Becky G sings, “Por qué tanta pelea si terminas en mi cama?"

“I loved even how the video came together,” Becky G added. “It's really embracing, like, the solidarity of just being alone. It's not a crazy music video with 20, 30 dancers and actors and extras. It's just us. And it's us really embracing the obstacles of what it is to shoot a music video in the middle of a pandemic."

Watch the music video, directed by Mike Ho, below.


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