Behind the Scenes with Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel at Super Bowl LII


Justin Timberlake is taking his halftime appearance pretty seriously as he and wife Jessica Biel hit all the stops in Minneapolis!

Biel posted a cute pic of herself munching on a football shaped cookie and actual football before the game. "Laces out!" she wrote in the caption, referencing a joke from Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.

Also, in a now-deleted Instagram post, the 35-year-old took a cute and goofy picture flashing a peace sign as they rode the bus to the big game. "No funny business today in the back of the bus en route to the Super Bowl We focused! Game time baby! #superbowllii" she wrote in the caption.

For his part, Timberlake showed a little bit of his trademark humor peeking through a serious facade. The 37-year-old posted a selfie on Instagram, wearing winter gear, sunglasses, and his official badge. But in the caption? "Lazy Sunday," he wrote.

Of course, this Sunday is anything but lazy for the multi-talented performer. At the press conference for his halftime show, Timberlake said, ""We're going to take it seriously. We want everyone to have a ton of fun. So, that's my main objective with the halftime show."

"We're doing a few things with this halftime show that they've never quite done before," he added. "I'm excited to do that. I always like to push to be able to do something like that. But on a more serious note ... it's a moment where you have an opportunity to bring so many people together through what I think is the greatest art form, which is music. That has been sort of the ethos of inspiration behind putting the set list together and managing the visuals and how it would all sort of come together." 

For more on Timberlake, watch the video below!


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