'Being the Ricardos' Trailer: Nicole Kidman and Javier Bardem Have Chemistry as Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz

The film will hit theaters on Dec. 10.

Nicole Kidman and Javier Bardem are bringing a famous couple to life! The actors wow with their transformations into Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz in the first full-length trailer for Being the Ricardos, which Amazon Studios released on Wednesday.

Aaron Sorkin's flick follows the famous pair during one critical production week of their sitcom, I Love Lucy, which comes at a time when they're being threatened by shocking personal accusations, a political smear, and cultural taboos.

The trailer shows Kidman and Bardem playing Lucy and Desi, who perform scenes from I Love Lucy throughout the movie while also grappling with the drama that's taken over their lives.

"Why is this coming out now? Lucille Ball's a threat to the American way of life? Does the FBI have any case against Lucy?" different characters inquire.

Lucy has questions too, asking her husband, "Have you been cheating on me?" as he assures her, "The story's made up!"

"We've been through worse than this," Desi says. "We have?" Lucy questions. "No," he admits, earning a laugh from his wife.

The studio previously released a teaser for the flick, which featured Kidman as Lucy marveling, " I get paid a fortune to do exactly what I love doing."

"I work side-by-side with my husband, who is genuinely impressed by me. All I have to do to keep it, is kill it for 36 weeks in a row, and then do it again the next year," she says. "You know I did this show so Desi and I could be together. I had no idea it was gonna be a hit."

When ET spoke to Sorkin in February, the writer/director praised his cast, promising, "They're going to be fantastic. These are two of the greatest actors ever."

"I think that the people thought that we've cast them as Lucy and Ricky Ricardo," he said of the real-life pair's I Love Lucy characters. "The film takes place during a production week of I Love Lucy -- a Monday table read to Friday audience taping, with a whole bunch of long flashbacks which are telling the story that got us here -- and because there's a table read, there's rehearsals and then there's tape night, we do see moments of them being Lucy and Ricky Ricardo. We see moments from an episode of I Love Lucy. But mostly they are playing Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball."

Meanwhile, Tony Hale, who plays I Love Lucy writer and producer Jess Oppenheimer in the film, opened up to ET about being involved in the project.

"I Love Lucy, I grew up on that," he said. "The thing that's special about this movie, is it's a drama about the making of I Love Lucy. To watch Nicole Kidman and Javier really transform into these iconic characters, obviously directed by Aaron Sorkin, I kind of had this front row seat of, 'Alright, which one of these is not like the other? Did they make a mistake in casting me?' The whole time I was just like, 'I can't believe I'm here.'"

"Just to look behind me and be like, 'I watched that set growing up. That's the exact set.' The art direction on it, everything, it's really pretty mind blowing," Hale added.

Being the Ricardos, which also stars Jake Lacy, J.K. Simmons, Nina Arianda and Alia Shawkat, will hit theaters Dec. 10. It will be available on Amazon Prime Video beginning Dec. 21.