'Below Deck Adventure' Sneak Peek: Faye Flips Out on Oriana -- in Front of the Guests! (Exclusive)

Oriana Schneps and Faye Clarke have an awkward exchange in front of guests on Below Deck Adventure

Higher altitude, higher emotions?

That seems to be the case in ET's exclusive first look at this week's all-new episode of Below Deck Adventure, as chief stew Faye Clarke unloads on stewardess Oriana Schneps... for forgetting potato chips. See, Faye entrusted Oriana with preparing a picnic for the charter guests, while she handled their mountain-repelling adventure; but when Faye and the guests arrive at the location of said picnic, the spread is less than desirable. In fact, the only thing really available to eat is a very sad cruditè platter of sliced veggies and a couple dips. 

"Is this... it?" a stunned Faye asks. "Where's all the chips?"

Oriana passes the blame to the deck crew, though, saying they must've forgotten to grab one of the bags she packed; Faye doesn't buy it.

"It's your responsibility," she tersely tells her subordinate, before describing what Oriana did provide as "pathetic."

"I know, but we just have to roll with it," she mumbles to Faye. 

"I just gave you a chance to shine," a visibly shaken Faye starts to say, before Oriana cuts her off with, "OK, if you want to play this f**king game, we can play" -- all in front of the guests!

"It's not a game," Faye fires back, as the vacationers look on and start live commentary on the fight. The tension's been building for weeks, as Oriana's fought to be seen as a second stew and not simply equal to the third member of the interior, Kasie Faddah.

"Oriana forgot the chips," one guest sing-songs as she makes an uncomfortable face. Watch it awkwardly play out here: 

"You're making a scene in front of the guests," Oriana pleads with Faye. "Please stop."

"It's your fault, though," Faye reiterates.

"To yell at me in front of the guests over something insignificant? I just don't think that's appropriate," Oriana remarks in a confessional, before the clip cuts back to the action, with Faye venting to the exterior crew, who are off to the side and hanging by a van.

"I just don't understand, this is not a rocket-science f**king job," she laments, as Michael Gilman reassures her that he and the guys double-checked they grabbed everything Oriana told them to before moving to the picnic location. 

"We put every bag that the stews gave us on the tender," he promises after Faye accuses him of missing something.

"It's just, two hours was spent this morning packing this stuff and it's still wrong," she sighs.

"That's frustrating," Lewis Lupton offers in agreement, "but please don't take it out on Mike."

"I'm just frustrated," she lets out, starting to cry. When Lewis attempts to comfort Faye by rubbing her back, though, she begs him, "Don't make a scene." 

"Do you understand that this is my job that's at jeopardy here?" Faye asks, rhetorically. "I'm just frustrated by... stupidness!"

See what comes next on Below Deck Adventure, airing Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo.


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