'Below Deck Mediterranean': Chef Kiko Seemingly Quits After Captain Sandy's Harsh Feedback (Exclusive)

Chef Kiko on Below Deck Mediterreanean

Mayday! Mayday! There's no one to make breakfast!

Chef Kiko Lorran leaves the charter guests (and crew!) aboard The Wellington in a bit of a lurch when he packs up his knives on the next episode of Below Deck Mediterranean, and ET has your exclusive sneak peek. The action picks up in the wake of Captain Sandy Yawn's harsh critique of Kiko's "Vegas Night" dinner the night before; she told him she was underwhelmed by the menu and suggested he might not have the skills necessary to continue working for her.

"I can’t cook," Kiko whispers to himself, as he rolls up his knife bag. "I just can’t do it."

"I feel like a loser, 'cause I don’t like to fail," he then confesses in a testimonial. "I like everything perfect. But I don’t want to even serve anybody anymore. I just want to leave."

Third stewardess Jessica More attempts to comfort Kiko and convince him to power through, but the Brazil native is obviously too defeated to carry on.

"It's just because if I stay, I’m gonna get crazy," he tells her before heading to his cabin and climbing under the covers.

Watch here:

After Kiko puts himself to bed, second stew Bugsy Drake enters the galley to see a continental breakfast spread set up -- pastries and fruit -- but no chef. She asks Jess if Kiko is going to cook an "actual breakfast," but quickly realizes he’s gone. Not long after, Bugsy has to break that news to Sandy, who seems shocked to learn that Kiko is "done."

Viewers will have to tune into Monday night's episode to see if Kiko really is done, but when ET spoke with Sandy back in May, she did offer her insight into navigating the choppy waters of human resources on a yacht.

"Sandy runs a vessel, she has a huge responsibility," Sandy said, speaking in the third person. "You're here to do a job and oftentimes, they work it out. … I assess the situation and decide, is this a fireable offense or not?"

And if Sandy got to handpick the chefs for her boats, she'd like to borrow some talent from a different Bravo show.

"It'd be someone from Top Chef, because to me, let’s see how they do," she shared. "Let’s get a winner, let's see how they do on a yacht. … On a yacht, it's so hard and you're in different countries, different nationalities; you gotta deal with provisions, you gotta deal with all the fresh fish, the local markets, so I’d like to see a Top Chef chef on our boat."

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo.


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