'Below Deck Mediterranean' Star Aesha Scott Is Engaged to Scott Dobbo

Aesha Scott
Greg Doherty/Bravo via Getty Images

The couple has been together for four years.

Aesha Scott is a bride-to-be! The Below Deck Mediterranean star took to Instagram on Thursday to announce that she's engaged to Scott Dobbo, her beau of four years.

The New Zealand-based reality star shared several photos from the romantic beach proposal, which feature her and Dobbo smiling, hugging and kissing after he popped the question.

"I SAID YESSSSSSS!!! I SAID YES I SAID YES!! Of course it was a yes," she wrote alongside the pics. "I feel like the luckiest girl in the whole world. WE'RE ENGAGED!!!!! I keep looking down at my finger and just squealing inside."

Scott noted that she's "one of those hopeless romantics who would watch romcoms as a little girl and dream of how I might get proposed to one day, where would it happen, how would it feel."

As for how her own engagement measured, Scott wrote that "all of those daydreams came true in the most perfect moment where I got my very own proposal."

"During my 20s I thought meeting my one might not happen for me, I was too busy flitting around the world doing my own thing," she wrote. "But I did find him, and in all the dreams of a happy ending I never thought I'd get someone quite as good as Scott."

Scott had praise for her fiancé next, gushing, "He is a good, decent, honest person to the core and he loves me so much. He treats me well and respects me and my dreams and makes me laugh."

"I had never had a healthy relationship so I didn't know what such a good one even looked like," she wrote. "I am the luckiest woman in the world that I get to have his love. He is my fairytale ending. Sorry it's so cheesy I'm just really really happy!!!"

In the comments section of her post, Scott dove into the proposal story, sharing that it "happened down at Homunga Bay, one of my favourite spots near Tauranga that you can only get to by walking through a farm or along the coast."

"My one guideline to Scott was that I wanted it to be a total surprise, and he knows me well enough to know I would want sentimental over flashy any day," she wrote. "We got up at 4am and I thought we were meeting my bestie and her husband to have a sunrise hike and then get some cute photos. I genuinely had NO CLUE and was just so wrapped up in making the day perfect for my friend who 'wanted the photos' (I thought)."

"I rushed to get changed and get the bubbles poured for a sunrise cheers and stood next to my friend admiring the view. She suddenly started running away from me and I turned to see why and I see Scott, teary eyed, walking toward me with a nice shirt on and that's when I knew the real reason they got me down there!!!!" Scott continued. "Then it was a whirlwind of love and excitement and I actually barely remember it because I was so shocked hahaha."

The couple first met in high school, but reconnected later in life, taking their romance public in 2020.

ET spoke to Below Deck Down Under's Chief Stew back in March 2022, and she revealed that Dobbo had agreed to take her last name -- and become Scott Scott -- should they one day get married. 

"He was so supportive, honestly," Scott told ET of her return to the Below Deck franchise. "He knows that this is my dream, and all my dreams are coming true. So he said to me, he's like, 'I'm your last priority in this. You're there. You focus on your job. You don't have to message me back. Don't stress about me or anything. You just be there, and be present, and do it.' And having someone there who is that supportive and that secure, it really just made the world of difference."

"If I was trying to film and I had a guy there who was jealous, or worrying about me going out with guys, and living in close quarters with guys and drinking with them, it just would've made everything [hard]," Scott added. "There's already so much pressure. It just would've been too much. So I'm really grateful to have someone that's so secure in himself and in our relationship."