'Below Deck Sailing Yacht': 'Bachelor' Alum Erica Rose Catches Alli Gossiping About Her Chatty Mom (Exclusive)

Erica Rose is looking for some drama on Below Deck Sailing Yacht

In ET's 'Below Deck Sailing Yacht' sneak peek, charter guest/'Bachelor' alum Erica Rose walks in on the stews talking about her mom.

Once a reality star, always a drama queen? Viewers will find out this week on Below Deck Sailing Yacht, as The Bachelor alum/primary charter guest Erica Rose seems out to start something with the crew. To back up a little, Erica's mom/co-primary, Cindi, requested a massage from chief stewardess Daisy Kelliher. It's not a request the crew gets often, but thankfully third stew Alli Dore "did massage for a whole year at beauty school" and is ready to "wing it." 

"As a yachtie, you work so hard," she says in a confessional. "You know, you put up with a fair bit of s**t. I don't really like giving massages, but at least Cindi's gonna be happy." In the last episode, Alli endured quite the with Cindi, who watched as Alli unpacked her belongings and put them away. As Alli worked, Cindi shared an extreme amount of details about her personal life, including her history in teaching mime, ventriloquism and puppetry. 

"It'll probably be the fastest hour of my life, 'cause she'll probably just chat the whole time," Alli cracks to Daisy, just as Erica emerges from the guest quarters. 

"I heard you guys talking," Erica coos in her signature, sing-song-y voice, to which Alli replies, "Just joking around!" before scurrying down to Cindi's room to complete the massage. Meanwhile, Erica heads out onto the deck to announce to the rest of the charter what she just encountered... even though all she heard was Alli saying, "It'll probably be the fastest hour of my life, 'cause she'll probably just chat the whole time."

Watch it all unfold here:

"I was just really annoyed about something," she announces to both no one and everyone. "I heard Alli gossiping about my mom."

"I wouldn't like that, I'll be honest," one of Erica's pals replies. "Even if my mom is being over the top and everything, I don't want to hear anybody bad-mouth my mother." 

Fans will have to tune in to see how Erica handles the situation/non-situation, but Daisy did tell ET that Erica and co. were one of the tougher charters in season 2.

"It's definitely up there with Barrie's charter," Daisy said, referencing the very demanding primary from a few trips earlier, who was vacationing with his ex-husband and their respective new beaus. "[If] you're going to put a big group of strong women there amongst the mix of the crew, yeah, it's going to equal drama. It was hard. It wasn't easy. It was a tough charter, and I will definitely say it's up there with them. They were definitely the most interesting and challenging charters."

"Maybe there was an element that they wanted screen time," she remarked, "but I also did see with all the guests, not just these two groups, a lot of heated arguments, drunken moments, that you don't see that didn't make the show on. I think the pressures of COVID, I think the pressures of a lot of alcohol... sometimes the dynamics were a bit weird. Because of COVID, only certain people could fly over, so they were pulling these strange groups together. Maybe they wanted a bit of TV time, but I also think that there was actually quite a bit of real, genuine drama there, as well."

Below Deck Sailing Yacht airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo.