'Below Deck's Fraser Olender Threatens to Fire Barbie Pascual Over New Year's Eve Kiss Push (Exclusive)

Barbie Pascual ribs Fraser Olender over a charter guest's kiss request on Bravo's 'Below Deck.'

In ET's exclusive sneak peek at Monday's all-new episode of 'Below Deck,' Fraser Olender blushes over a charter guest's request.

Loose lips sink ships, but what about locked lips?

Below Deck fans will seemingly soon find out that answer, as chief steward Fraser Olender contemplates kissing a charter guest named Steven on New Year's Eve. Steven's unconventional request is the talk of St. David in ET's first look at Monday's episode, with stewardess Barbie Pascual ribbing Fraser over it.

"Everybody's talking about you having a New Year's kiss," she tells him, hanging out in the crew mess alongside fellow stewardess Xandi Olivier. 

"Barbie!" Fraser exclaims. "I'm just here doing my job."

"You're having a New Year's kiss, so just, like, brush your teeth before 12," she reiterates. 

Meanwhile, upstairs, stewardess Paris Field is chatting with Steven over the possibility. She tells him, "It's the first step toward the rest of your life."

"I've never hooked up with a charter guest," she confesses in an interview. "On my previous boats, all of my guests are, like, 70 to 80 years old and I'm not really into crusty d**k and I'm really into d**ks that work, 'cause I know at that age, that they don't work."

Back in the mess, Fraser tells Barbie to get changed into her blacks and get the dinner table decorated. She, in turn, repeats, "And you have to hook up with somebody at 12."

"Barbie, please don't do this," he pleads, joking he will "try and fire you again." 

"We all know how that's going to go," Xandi laughs, a nod to Fraser's two failed attempts to remove Barbie from the boat's staff so far this season. 

"Yeah, not very well," Fraser sarcastically laments. "So, you can do what you like."

Watch it all play out here:

However, it turns out Fraser is seriously considering the opportunity. He leaves the mess to visit Captain Kerry Titheradge in his cabin, to get the big boss' read on the situation. 

"There are malicious rumors about a guest who would like to have a New Year's Eve kiss with one of the crew," Fraser informs Kerry. "What's your thoughts on that?"

"To me, that's sexual harassment," Kerry quickly replies. 

"And if the crew member was really actually keen, then it's fine?" Fraser follows up, never revealing he is the crew member in question. 

"So, if it's a New Year's kiss and that's it?" Kerry asks. "Yeah."

"I think it's just a peck," Fraser promises.


"I do remember, I'm at my desk in my cabin and ... Fraser comes up to me, very sheepish, he didn't make much eye contact and he's like, 'Captain, I don't like this idea... but what are your thoughts on crew kissing a guest for New Year's Eve?'" Kerry recalled of the moment, speaking with ET alongside Fraser ahead of the season premiere. "And I said, 'Mate, look, I don't want any of the crew members hassled. Does the crew member want to?' And he looked at me and goes, 'Yes...' I didn't have to even ask who it was gonna be. I just went back to our paperwork and nodded my head."

"I have a rule: you're able to ask permission or you don't get caught," he added. "That's it." 

"I thought that I'd rather not get in trouble, I'd rather keep my job over a smooch for God's sake," Fraser said. "Listen, it's been my golden rule since day one to not get with guests, but it was part of the entertainment of the night. It didn't go any further than that, apart from it may have when we dropped them off, but then they were no longer guests, so I didn't see the problem." 

Fans will have to tune in to see just how things work out for Fraser and Steven. Below Deck airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo, with episodes streaming next day on Peacock.