Ben Affleck's 10-Year-Old Son Reverses Lamborghini Into a Parked Car

Sometimes accidents happen, and sometimes those accidents happen in very expensive cars.

Everybody remembers the first time they got into a fender bender. For Ben Affleck's 10-year-old son Samuel, it reportedly happened on Sunday in a car worth nearly a quarter of a million dollars.

According to TMZ, Ben and fiancé Jennifer Lopez went with Samuel -- whom Affleck shares with ex-wife Jennifer Garner -- to a luxury car rental dealership in Los Angeles.

At some point, Sam apparently somehow got behind the wheel of a yellow Lamborghini which had the engine running.

It's unclear -- even in photos of the incident published by the outlet -- exactly what happened or how, but it seems Sam somehow back the luxury vehicle up into a white BMW.

Affleck's rep tells ET, "Everyone is fine." However, not further details were shared on the incident.

It seems that, after reversing, Sam got out of the driver's seat and ran to the back of the car to see if there was any damage, while Affleck had an animated conversation with employees at the lot.

That being said, TMZ reports that the luxury car rental lot claims that no accident occurred and that the cars were simply parked very close together. It seems Samuel caused very little if any damage to the wildly expensive yellow Lamborghini.