Ben Higgins on the 'Weird' Aspect of Opening Up About His Sex Life With Jessica Clarke 

David Becker/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

The former 'Bachelor' recently revealed that he and his fiancee are waiting to have sex until marriage.

Ben Higgins recently revealed that he and fiancee Jessica Clarke are not only waiting until marriage to have sex, but they're also waiting to hit that milestone before sharing a bed.

On his Almost Famous podcast with Ashley Iaconetti on Monday, Higgins shared more about his and Clarke's decision -- and the effect his comments on their sex life has had on both of their families. 

"[It's] weird to have this as now a dinner conversation for her family, my family and Jess and I," Higgins confessed, but noted it was still a "healthy conversation to have."

The former Bachelor first opened up about his and Clarke's decision to wait to have sex until marriage on Nick Viall's podcast, The Viall Files. He explained that not sharing a bed hasn't been unusual for them, as they've been long distance for their entire relationship. "We haven't been ever in the same city living together," he said. 

The pair have been living together during quarantine, but staying in separate bedrooms. "It's like a respect level," he told Viall, "and also just, like, how -- what the logistics of it is." 

On Monday, Higgins said that he and Clarke are "excited" about the decision they had made about their intimacy. 

"It's been the healthiest decision for us," he expressed. "I think people are confused about it or, like, going, 'What in the world is going on here?' It's the decision we made that we thought was best for us as a couple to allow us the healthiest relationship. And we wanted to do that because we knew that we had something special, and we wanted to do some things personally to make sure that we were setting ourselves up for the most success. And this is one of the decisions that we've made, and it's been really good for us."

"We're really excited for what the future holds," added Higgins, who noted their arrangement might not be for everybody. "I mean, it's worked so far. We're happily engaged, having a great time being engaged."

Higgins proposed to Clarke last month, after about a year and a half of dating. It's his second engagement, following his relationship with his Bachelor final pick, Lauren Bushnell. The two broke up in 2017. 

See more on Higgins in the video below.