Beyonce's Makeup Artist Sir John Was Nervous About Her Reaction to 'Lion King' Makeup Collection (Exclusive)

Sir John unveils his new makeup collaboration with the iconic Disney film to ET.

Sir John is unveiling his very exciting new collaboration! 

The celebrity makeup artist has teamed up with Luminess Cosmetics to create a limited-edition collection inspired by Disney's The Lion King in honor of the new version hitting theaters July 19. 

Beyonce, who voices Nala in the film, is Sir John's longtime client and friend, and he revealed to ET's Kristen Gill during the collection shoot that he wasn't sure how the pop star would react to his new project. 

"I think that even when I called Bey and I said, 'Hey, listen, this is what's happening,' I was kind of nervous to see what she thought, but she was so proud and so happy for me," the creative shared. "So I feel like this is gonna be a win." 

The range is made up of eight limited-edition products: the Kingdom Sculpting Palette ($42), Can't Wait to Be Queen Eyeshadow Palette ($42), Be Brave Matte Lipstick ($24) in two colors, Be Prepared Liquid Lipstick ($24) in two colors, Legacy Tinted Lip Balm ($24) and Circle of Life Highlighter ($40). 

The collection as a whole greatly pays homage to the film. The stunning, highly pigmented earthy shades are named after locations and characters from the movie and the packaging is a sight to see. Each palette and lipstick features regal etched portraits of Mufasa and the shades boast a tribal embossed pattern. 

"So I spent a lot of time in South Africa, so Luminess and I wanted to do something that really reflects not just the landscape and sunset and all of those things that are just natural and organic, but tribal prints as well," the makeup artist said. "I really wanted to nail it and really hit it hard with the movie and I feel like this runs quite parallel with where the movie is as well." 

Can't Wait to Be Queen Eyeshadow Palette - Courtesy of Luminess Cosmetics
Kingdom Sculpting Palette - Courtesy of Luminess Cosmetics

Sir John even predicts the newest, more toned-down makeup trend to look out for, which can be achieved with the Kingdom Sculpting Palette. He explains sculpting is "different than contouring because it's less aggressive." 

"I feel like in 2019, 2020 we can dial down the contouring so it becomes evolved. This is the 2.0 of contouring in my opinion," he added. 

And you know we couldn't leave without picking up a revolutionary makeup tip from the pro. Get this: there is a strategy to highlighting for certain skin tones -- the fairer you are, you should apply your highlighter lower. Those who have a deeper complexion, apply it higher on the cheekbone. 

"What that does [for fair complexions] is it starts to sculpt, but it gives a bronzy appearance to the cheek," Sir John said. "But if you were a deeper complexion, you'd go higher on the cheek, if that makes any sense. So, my girls who are Mary J. Blige or deeper, they go high with this gold. But if you happen to be Nicole Kidman or very, very fair, you go lower because this is a sculpting product." 

Watch our full interview with Sir John in the video above and shop the collection on Luminess Cosmetics' site starting June 15.