'Big Brother All-Stars': Why Nicole Anthony Is Apologizing to Janelle Pierzina (Exclusive)

ET spoke with the latest evictee about her experience and why she feels like she owes Pierzina an apology.

Big Brother: All-Stars' latest evictee, Nicole Anthony, feels like she needs to apologize to fellow contestant Janelle Pierzina. The former season 21 contestant, who earned the title of America's Favorite Houseguest after coming in third during her time on the show, opened up to ET's Lauren Zima about what she wishes she could tell Pierzina.

"I just wanna tell her that I'm sorry and that I should've stuck with my initial impression of her. I was hanging out a lot with her in the house...and I will admit other people did get in my brain and mess with me a little bit," Anthony confessed. "'She's a spider, she's a snake.' And I did pivot and I was like, 'She did my makeup just to mess with me? That is messed up. You hang out with someone just to mess up their game? That's not right.' I would apologize for thinking she was that manipulative and ruthless and just mean. And she's not mean! And I would apologize for that."

During their time in the house, Pierzina cried over Anthony's actions toward her, something that "hurt" Anthony.

"I have such a respect for Janelle and knowing that she had that level of respect for me is something, again, my baggage from last season, I didn't anticipate. I didn't think she would respect me that much and that was my own demons and I should've saw through it," she explained. "I can admit it, I did it entirely to myself. I got myself in a little bit of an issue...Well, I didn't do it to myself because...Memphis [Garrett] was gonna nominate me like that was his mission. But I did mess with myself more than I needed to. I got so caught up on Janelle and Kaysar [Ridha] when I should've taken a step back and saw the other alliance for what they were."

That is something that Anthony says she could have done differently, telling ET that she would have wanted to have "more of my stuff together to not be so emotional," and not feeling as though people who were fighting for her were actually against her.

"I think I had that from last [season] thinking, 'Oh no, they're not with me. This is a setup, they're really trying to get me out,'" she added. "I think that was just me trying to protect myself so it wouldn't happen again. I was very defensive and because of that I was very anxious. I get upset easily. I get frustrated easily, and that's not something I anticipated happening."

Anthony also described how there was definitely a difference between contestants from the earlier seasons to the newer ones. She shared how players from older seasons look at the show as a game, instead of interacting with one another and forming relationships to help each other out. Calling the older players "calculated," she said they are quieter, "cards to the chest."

"I would say for the audience, you want more of the old-time players where it's 'I'm against you, I'm with you," she noted. "I think nowadays there's more flip-floppers, go with the flow, try to see where you land."

While Anthony may be gone from the Big Brother house, who does she think will follow her next?

"I think it's gonna be similar to what happened to me. They're gonna kind of get ousted by accident, type of thing," she noted. "I could see it being like a Bayleigh [Dayton] or Kevin [Campbell], unfortunately. And that scares me."

And who does she want to see in the final two? "I want to see David [Alexander] and Kevin in the final two chairs. That is what I desire in this world," she relayed. "But I could very much see Tyler [Crispen] and like a Dani [Briones] type, like them making it very far as well...I have all these different emotions about all these people...Of course, I'm biased. I feel burned, but I don't wanna see Memphis."

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