'Big Brother': Derek F. Apologizes to Tiffany and Asks Azah for Forgiveness Over Past Fights (Exclusive)

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Throughout season 23 of Big Brother, the history-making alliance known as The Cookout dominated the house, and skillfully played the game in secret, until all the members made it to the final six. However, during their time in the house, tensions often came to a head and threatened the foundations of the alliance.

On Thursday, one day after Xavier Prather was declared the winner of Season 23 by a unanimous vote, ET's Kevin Frazier spoke to the members of The Cookout -- including Xavier, Derek Frazier, Kyland Young, Azah Awasum, Hannah Chaddha and Tiffany Mitchell -- about some of the alliance's more contentious moments.

Specifically, Tiffany and Azah's heated confrontations with Derek, at different points throughout the season.

Midway through the competition, Derek and Tiffany were butting heads, as Tiffany saw herself as the leader of The Cookout, and often tried to direct the others' gameplay -- something Derek did not appreciate and did not shy away from addressing during the season.

"[Derek] is like my little brother," Tiffany told ET. "He does not want to listen to his big sister, I wanna be heard, he wants to be right."

"You know, I came in this house forgetting that there's cameras," Derek shared. "A lot of people know that I say what I want and I have no filter. And you know, each of these individuals, I look at them as family, so when I talk to them I talk to them like if I'm talking at home."

"Tiffany's somebody who I always gonna have respect for," Derek added.

After it came down to the final three -- with just Derek, Xavier and Azah still in the game -- Derek and Azah had their own dust-up, despite having been close allies and friends throughout the entire season. During the episode, Derek claimed that he had "carried" Azah to the finals on his shoulders, something Azah strongly disagreed with.

While the blow-up drove a definite wedge between them, Derek attempted to make amends while the group spoke with ET.

"Azah is amazing, she's a very beautiful and smart woman, and she was a very good friend to me. And all I can do is hope that maybe one day she will find it in the kindness of her heart to allow me to show that same thing back to her," he shared. "And if she ever watches it back, I hope that she will understand that I really did have her back."

Ultimately, Derek said it was the "nerves" that came with making it to the end that elevated his reactions and that he regretted some of the things he said. Derek addressed Azah directly, and said he would "absolutely" like to apologize for his remarks, and for their fight.

"I'm always someone that's a forgiving person," Azah shared. "I accept your apology." 

"In the end, I don't care what [Derek] has said about me, I love him there's nothing he can do about it," Tiffany said. "We are family, we are going to be family, he has not said anything I have not heard before. I know he has not known me all of my life, but that's fine, we have spent a lot of time together and no matter what no one's gonna make me dislike him or not love him the way that I do. And same with everyone else! We have said things, we love each other, and that's all that matters."

For more on this groundbreaking season of Big Brother, check out the video below.


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