'Big Brother' Season 23: House Is Thrown Into Chaos Before 6th Houseguest Gets Evicted

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*Caution: Spoilers ahead!*

The drama is ramping up in a big way! The Big Brother house was thrown into chaos this week by new powers, surprising nominations and some unexpected backstabbing.

If you're anxious to just find out who got kicked out, scroll down below. But first, it's important to see just how this eviction played out over the last week.

The week started when Kyland Young earned the title of Head of Household, and it was up to him to nominate who would be going up on the block and facing possible eviction.

Kyland chose to nominate Claire Rehfuss, and then, in an effort to protect the wildly powerful Cookout Alliance, Derek Frazier offered to be put up as a pawn -- which Kyland accepted.

The show then revealed the new High Rollers room -- the twist introduced after last Thursday's live eviction show. It's somewhat convoluted, but essentially the houseguests got the chance to compete for an opportunity to win two veto powers.

After all is said in this week's veto competition, Kyland and Alyssa Lopez ended up getting the two veto powers -- meaning they could change up who is on the block.

Tiffany Mitchell -- the seemingly self-appointed leader of The Cookout -- convinced Kyland to spare Claire (whom Tiffany has a secret alliance with) and instead nominate Britini D'Angelo. The only problem was Kyland already made a deal with Britini that the two wouldn't come for each other. That being said, Kyland seemingly had his sights set on her anyway.

Wednesday's show ended with Britini learning that Kyland planned on nominating her with his veto power, and she made a tearful, passionate plea for him to stick to their verbal agreement and not put her on the block.

Thursday's eviction episode began with the veto ceremony, in which Kyland essentially ignored her pleas and nominated Britini -- bringing her to tears. The houseguest (rightly) felt like she's been everyone's punching bag, and with this being her fourth time on the block out of six eviction ceremonies, she's not entirely wrong.

With Alyssa not using her veto, the final two on the block were Britini and Derek F -- and this led to even more strain among the members of The Cookout. Not everyone in the alliance had the same outlook and were leaning toward voting for Derek F, despite him being part of their alliance.

When it came time to their appeals to their fellow houseguests, Britini seemed to be in a better place emotionally. She delivered another rap as her appeal to her houseguests, but she seemed to be resigned to her apparent fate.

Derek F made an appeal as well, but seemed confident that he wasn't really a target, and told the houseguests to keep him around "if you want to continue having your stomachs full of food and living in a cleaner environment."

Despite all the chatter about voting for Derek F and how he might be the more dangerous competitor in the long run, the only person who actually voted to evict him was Cookout member Azah Awasum -- one of Britini's best friends in the house.

By a vote of 7 to 1, Britini got the boot, and had to bid farewell to her fellow houseguests before leaving the house and sitting down for an exit interview with host Julie Chen.

Britini explained that she was safe from eviction this week, and felt blindsided by Kyland's decision. 

"I genuinely thought that I was OK with the deal that Kyland had made me, but now we all know Kyland's a liar and doesn't do deal correctly," Britini said. "Now the whole house knows, America knows, everyone knows."

She also said she felt "betrayed by some members of the house" other than Kyland, including Tiffany and Claire, but that she understands that it's just a game. Although for Britini, the game isn't really over! She's the first member of the jury, and will now be headed to the jury house until the season comes to a close in a few weeks.

After the interview, the remaining houseguests (except for Kyland, who's ineligible) competed in this week's Head of Household competition called Dash to Dinner, which saw them carefully navigate a balance beam through a course while trying to beat the clock.

Surprisingly, some of the house's biggest comp monsters didn't live up to the precedents they already set, and the HOH title went to Sarah Beth Steagall, who will be sending two players to the block over the next week.

Big Brother airs Sundays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS. For more, watch below.


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