'Big Brother' Season 23: Second Houseguest Gets the Boot After Chaotic Week

Big Brother 23

After another wild and unpredictable week in the house, Thursday night ended very predictably.

*Caution: Spoilers Ahead*

After another wild week with the mercurial Brandon "Frenchie" French, it looks like things might calm down in the Big Brother house after Thursday's seemingly inevitable outcome.

Frenchie came into the house hot at the start of the season and made more promises than he could ever keep. When he started breaking his promises left and right, he started making a lot of enemies.

After last week's eviction, Frenchie lost his Head of Household title, which instead went to Kyland Young -- a houseguest Frenchie had previously put up on the block.

When it looked like Kyland might be planning to return the favor with his own nominations, Frenchie melted down and started burning the few bridges he had left. It essentially sealed his fate days before the eviction vote even went down.

The hardest challenge Kyland faced this week was figuring out who to put on the block alongside Frenchie. He ended up choosing Britini D'Angelo, largely because she was one of the only people left in the house (aside from Frenchie's bestie Derek Frazier) who still had Frenchie's back.

Derek Xiao once again won the Power of Veto competition for the second week in a row, and once more proved his loyalty to Kyland by leaving his nominations unchanged.

The moment of truth came on Thursday when it was finally time to vote. Britini made her appeal to the houseguests with a unique rap -- which likely didn't play a role in her ultimately staying.

Frenchie delivered a speech that was gracious and considerate, sharing, "I'm not here to say something funny, but I would love to keep these experiences going with you guys. And if not, you guys always have a friend in me."

After the vote tally came in, Frenchie ended up losing 11 to 1, and was equally gracious in defeat. Eschewing the reactionary behavior that got him in hot water in the first place, Frenchie instead embraced his fellow houseguest with a big group hug and some big smiles.

Speaking with host Julie Chen Moonves after packing up and leaving the house, Frenchie made it clear that he was content with getting to go see his kids after being away for nearly three weeks. He expressed his appreciation for his time in the house and he shared his love for Derek F, a.k.a. "Big D."

"He's such an amazing person," Frenchie shared. "Even though we come from totally different walks of life, it's amazing how two people can walk in this house and just have an instant connection. And Derek and I both did that."

With Frenchie out, it instantly like the other houseguests can breath a little easier.

The remaining houseguests -- except for Kyland, who isn't eligible -- ended the show with an HOH competition involving prerecorded footage of former Celebrity Big Brother houseguest Tom Green interviewing people on the streets of Toronto and asking them trivia questions.

The houseguests then had to answer true or false questions about the video they just watched. Houseguests who answered wrong were eliminated from the comp, and the last remaining houseguest would become HOH.

After a series of difficult questions, Xavier Prather emerged victorious, meaning he will have the power of nominating the next two houseguests on the chopping block.

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