'Big Brother' Season 24: 1st Eviction Vote Ends In a Landslide Before Truly Game-Changing Twist Is Introduced

Big Brother

After last week's surprising self-elimination, this week's live two-hour eviction was full of unexpected developments.

*Caution: Spoilers ahead!

After having to push the live eviction show back from its regular time on Thursday to a super-sized Sunday show, Big Brother made sure its two-hour special episode was jam-packed with big twists, surprising developments and a painfully one-sided eviction.

So, who wound up getting sent packing? Scroll down for the big reveal. Otherwise, here's how everything played out during Sunday's live show.

This season has been filled with weird drama and unexpected moves since day one, after the house seemed to turn on Taylor Hale immediately, largely due to the machinations of Paloma Aguilar.

Eventually, Taylor ended up on the chopping block alongside Terrance Higgins, and on the day of reckoning, with almost the entire house chomping at the bit to kick Taylor out -- the houseguests learned some shocking news: Paloma had decided to self-evict for personal reasons.

This threw a monkey wrench in one of the big twits that Big Brother had planned, and effectively served as a "get out of jail free" card for Taylor, and to a lesser extent Terrance.

After that fiasco, the houseguests competed in a Head Of Household Competition, which Jasmine Davis ended up winning and therefore became the HOH.

When it came time to put some people up on the chopping block, Jasmine stuck with Taylor. Then, in a move of incredible hubris, Joe "Pooch" Pucciarelli volunteered to be a pawn, because he was sure he was solid with everyone in the house, and could easily help get Taylor out.

There's a well-known rule in the Big Brother house: never volunteer to be the pawn, because the pawn goes home.

This old adage proved to be true yet again, and the show made no mystery of it at all. Before it came time to vote, nearly everyone had confessed in the diary room that Pooch was the only logical choice to go. And through it all, Pooch was blissfully unaware of his impending doom

At the vote, Pooch delivered the first appeal speech of the season and seemingly got tearful telling the other houseguests how much he liked them and wanted to stay around. Unfortunately, it was to no avail.

Taylor -- backed by a few different groups and loosely defined alliances -- wasn't worried, but still gave her appeal speech some heart. It ended up not really mattering because as everyone -- except Pooch -- knew going in, she wasn't gonna be sent home.

The eventual vote ended in the kind of landslide that almost makes you feel bad as a viewer -- 12-0 in favor of kicking Pooch out of the house. And the vote came as a real shock to Pooch, who still took it in stride.

After bidding farewell to his former fellow houseguests, Pooch exited the house and sat with host Julie Chen Moonves for his exit interview, and admitted he found it "shocking that they were all on the same page."

When asked why he volunteered to be a pawn in the vote, Pooch said he thought it was "an opportunity" to gain favor with some of the other houseguests and that his strong social game and physical prowess would help keep him in the house.

"I really had no idea," Pooch said, still stunned. "Especially 12-0."

With Pooch out of the house, and the number of houseguests now at 14, Julie called all the remaining contestants back into the conference room to drop the night's biggest bombshell -- a "game-changing" twist that truly, inarguably, alters the game and everyone's plans in a big way: The Bestie Twist.

For the rest of the season, the houseguests will be partnered up in pairs -- a dynamic that already alters the very nature of most alliances. However, that's just the beginning. Whoever wins HOH, their bestie is automatically safe for that week. Additionally, instead of nominating any two houseguests, the HOH has to nominate one pair of besties. However, only one of the two besties will be sent home, leaving the other playing solo. Additionally, the pairs will compete together in future Veto Competitions.

Needless to say, this threw the houseguests for a loop. And the first HOH comp -- which was just an elaborate game of musical chairs, essentially -- came too quickly to even process what it all meant.

With Jasmine having been the last HOH, she was ineligible to compete. The first houseguest who got out in the game of musical chairs could either opt to be Jasmine's bestie or sit at an empty table, where someone else who went out could choose to be their bestie, and so on.

Through a long game of musical chairs, everyone ended up paired and it was Matthew "Turner" Turner who came out victorious!

Fans got a chance to see Turner break down in tears over the messages he got from his loved ones in the lavish HOH room, and saw how the alliances and friendships began to strain under the unexpected pressure of the bestie twist.

And, before Sunday's special came to an end, fans got the chance to see who, exactly, would be on the block next when Turner revealed his bestie nominees for eviction: Michael Bruner -- who has already won two Veto competitions already -- and Brittany Hoopes.

Fans will get to see if Michael can pull off a Vero Comp hat trick when Big Brother returns on Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.