Bill Hader Reacts to Anna Kendrick as a Potential Guest Star on 'Barry' (Exclusive)

A source recently told ET that the couple is 'in love and very happy in their relationship.'

Anna Kendrick won't be joining Bill Hader on Barry anytime soon. At the premiere of the HBO series' third season on Monday, the 43-year-old actor was quick to shut down ET's inquiry about Hader's real-life girlfriend guest starring on the show.

"Oh no," Hader told ET's Kevin Frazier of the possibility of Kendrick appearing on the series. 

Hader's insistence that his girlfriend won't act on Barry came the same month that he cited his kids as his reason for staying mum about his relationship with the 36-year-old actress, with whom he starred in the 2019 Disney+ Christmas movie, Noelle.

Hader, who divorced Maggie Carey in 2018, shares Hayley, 7, Harper, 10, Hannah, 12, with his writer-director ex.

"They just want me to be their dad," he told The Hollywood Reporter of his daughters. "They just want me to sit and watch Encanto over and over and over again. So that’s what I do."

Though Kendrick is unlikely to pop up on Barry, a source told ET in March that "Bill and Anna are in love and very happy in their relationship, and enjoying their time together." 

Professionally, things are equally as positive for Hader, who was thrilled to finally unveil his show's new season after delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

"It actually hasn't been that bad," he told ET of the wait. "It's been nice. We've been able to plan and try to make it better."

After ending season 2 on a cliffhanger, though, fans were especially eager to jump back into the series. "I would get people coming up to me saying like, 'What the hell happened? What's going on?'" Hader recalled. "I'm like, 'I'm figuring it out. We're figuring it out. We don't know.'"

Season 3 of Barry will premiere April 24 on HBO.



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