Bill Nye Jokes Fans Should 'Stay Tuned' for Future Project With North West (Exclusive)

See the TV host's response to North stanning over his show!

Bill Nye has a very special fan among his massive science-minded audience -- North West!

The TV personality and science advocate was in attendance for WE Day California on Thursday, the world's largest youth empowerment event celebrating doing "social good," where he acknowledged to ET's Katie Krause that he knew Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West's eldest child was a supporter.

"Yeah, I know my buddy, North," he joked before admitting that he hasn't met her…yet. "Sure! Let's take a meeting, yeah. No, it's very cool… She's a student. She's a kid. She watches the show. I love it." 

Fans discovered that the 5-year-old is a supporter of Nye's in Vogue's recent "73 Questions" video with Kim, where she reveals that her oldest is definitely enjoying watching Bill Nye The Science Guy lately.

"I want to meet him!" North gushes in the clip. While on the red carpet, Nye was asked if he's spoken with Kardashian West's people about possibly meeting North, to which he playfully responded, "No, but stay tuned… But I hope North is into science. I hope she grows up…doesn't have to become a scientist but I hope she's scientifically literate and when it's time for her to vote and pay taxes, she'll make good decisions. Climate change is our biggest problem. People North's age are going to have to address it."

During the chat, he also touched upon how humbling it is to know that his '90s show is still informing and entertaining kids today.

"These people watch the show two generations after we stopped making it, while I'm off doing other fabulous things. Podcast starts May 16. Science Rules. Don't miss it if you can. Netflix, Saves the World still on the service. All this stuff. But these students watch the Science Guy show. Put my heart and soul into it. It's very gratifying." 

Check out Nye's full interview up above. 

The WE Day special showcasing the day's event is scheduled to air on August 9 at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.