Billie Eilish Rocks Newly Dark Hair in 'SNL' Promos

Billie Eillish Kate McKinnon
Saturday Night Live / YouTube

Billie Eilish will unveil her new hairdo in front of a national TV audience when she serves as host and musical guest on this week's Saturday Night Live.

The 19-year-old pop star appeared alongside SNL star Kate McKinnon in a promo for the upcoming show, which also marks McKinnon's return for the first time this season after stepping away to film her Peacock series, Joe Exotic.

Eilish, wearing an oversized hoodie under a puffer vest, looks stunning as a new brunette. She first showed off her new locks in an Instagram post last week. The singer posted the SNL tease on her Instagram and captioned it, "SNL! SEE YOU ON SATURDAY🙃🙃🙃🙃 ."

In the SNL promo, Eilish and McKinnon do a bit about the singer's upcoming 20th birthday, McKinnon talking Eilish's ear off about simultaneously playing two different characters in the same sketch and McKinnon fawning over a "mischievous Norwegian Christmas gnome" who sneaks into her apartment and ties her cats' tails together. Good times!

Eilish, of course, is not the first artist to pull double duty as guest host and musical guest. Miley Cyrus, Adele, Justin Timberlake, Harry Styles and Chance the Rapper are just some who have also done the same.

The seven-time GRAMMY winner recently opened up about, among other things, what she missed most after the world shut down due to the pandemic, like performing live. She laid it all out during Vanity Fair's Time Capsule Series, "Same Interview, The Fifth Year." 

"I was really just falling apart, not being able to do shows because they are the thing that makes me feel the best that I am," she explained. "It feels like the best that I can be when I'm on stage. And getting to do that again, I was like rewound like I'm a music box, that I can be in a bad mood before a show and then come off stage and I'm completely rejuvenated."

Eilish also admitted that, in past interviews, she wasn't being true to herself.

"Every time I see an interview from that period when I was like 16, I'm like, everything I said was so stupid," she says. "Like not even stupid. It just was like not what I was actually thinking. I was thinking like, I'm overwhelmed. I hate this. Everybody expects something from me. I don't have anything to give them. I f**king suck. My jewelry is cool. I want tattoos. I want a car. That's all I was thinking."

The singer also admitted that she's in a much better place in her life, in part, because "I'm starting to have like an adulthood, which is new for me and very exciting and I have had new experiences and new people and lots of love."


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