Billy Joel, Alicia Keys and More Celebs Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week With Heartwarming Stories

Teacher Appreciation Week
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With parents having to homeschool their kids every week due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we think it's safe to say teachers across the country are feeling more appreciated than ever right now!

May 4-8 marks Teacher Appreciation Week, and ET is rounding up all the ways people are celebrating the men and women who educate our nation's children. 

Pitbull was one of the first celebrities to pay tribute, tweeting, "My teacher, Hope Martinez, saw talent in me when no one else did. She told me “the biggest risk you take, is not taking one". Let’s honor all of our teachers this week #TeacherAppreciationWeek."

"Big LOVE to all the teachers out there! WOW! You are incredible!!!" Alicia Keys added in her own post. "You are priceless!! There will never be a way to properly thank you for all you do and all you give!! #TeacherAppreciationWeek."

Billy Joel shared similar sentiments, thanking a former teacher who encouraged him to become a musician. 

William Daniels, who starred as the beloved Mr. Feeny on Boy Meets World, recorded a special video message to teachers, aka the "unsung heroes" of our world.

"I'm here to encourage you to show some appreciation for the unsung heroes that help shape the future generations," the 93-year-old actor raved in an E! News video. "Our teachers provide us with so much. They're there for you in your formative years, supply the knowledge you need to take on the world, and even give you unsolicited advice from behind the fence in their backyard."

"I'm talking to you, Mr. Matthews," he added, before quoting one of his most iconic lines from the series. "So thank your teachers today and every day and remember, as much as you learn from them, they learn from you. As my final piece of teacherly advice: believe in yourselves, dream, try, do good. I love you all. Class dismissed."

Meanwhile, in Swansea, Massachusetts, teachers and staff hopped in their cars and went around town waving hello to their students in a drive-by parade that started at Brown Elementary and ended at Cole's Landing.

“The teachers, they are so wonderful," Claudette Bourassa, a grandparent to two children in the district, told her local news station. "There's no words to express how good they are. Waving to all of these students and just making them feel so comfortable and happy."

“It can be depressing locked inside. Seeing the turnout of the students, the parents, elderly people who have nothing to do with the school system," added Emily Estrela, a teacher at Brown Elementary. "It was just amazing to see everybody outside smiling."

See below for more heartwarming (and a few hilarious!) appreciation posts below:

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