Bindi and Robert Irwin Team Up With Paris Hilton for a Wild Commercial

Robert Irwin Paris Hilton Uber Eats
Uber Eats

The famous Irwin family joined the heiress for a wild commercial featuring an unfortunate showdown between a dog and a snake.

The famous Irwin family joined socialite Paris Hilton for a wild new commercial this week, featuring an unfortunate faceoff between a dog and a snake. 

In the clip -- released for UberEats Australia -- a blindfolded Hilton wears a pink, bedazzled Australia Zoo uniform as she faces the camera and says, "Tonight, I'll be eating hot, cheesy pizzas with my ZFFs," ostensibly meant to reflect her zoo best friends. Robert, Bindi, and mom Terri, who are standing in their khaki uniforms right next to her. 

The Irwins then tell Hilton she can take her blindfold off, revealing a luxurious habitat nicknamed "Doggywood" for several very spoiled terriers. 

"Don't worry," Robert says in reference to the enclosure's safety. "It's got that moat."

Bindi adds, "Super high fences," and Terri concludes: "No snake will ever get in here." Just then, the group hears a noise and jumps back in horror, as an implied snake takes one of the dogs for its meal. 

"Oh well," Robert says at the commercial's conclusion. "That’s the food chain."

Robert posted the commercial to his Instagram, writing that "The circle of life is mysterious, wondrous and… eek. Pizza, anyone?"