Bindi Irwin on the Sweet Sign Her 'Person' Chandler Powell Is Part of the Family Now (Exclusive)

The reality TV family also discussing carrying on late zoologist's Steve Irwin's legacy.

Bindi Irwin's boyfriend, Chandler Powell, is already one of the family.

The Steve Irwin Gala Dinner was held in L.A. on Saturday, which honored the late zoologist and conservationist. His family attended to promote his nonprofit, and that's where Bindi spoke with ET about finding her "person."

"It's true, he is doing so well, and he has, I feel like, he could be an Irwin now, to tell you the truth," she said when ET's Lauren Zima stated that Powell is looking like one of the gang. "He's got the khaki down, and he's doing so great, and no challenge is too difficult for Chandler, whether it's jumping on crocodiles or going through with a red carpet event like tonight. He's always there and up for anything." 

"And I'm so lucky," the reality star continued. "I'm so lucky to have found my person so early on in life, and he's the best guy. And he has a matching crocodile bowtie tonight, same as Robert, so we think he's definitely part of the family now."

Robert also chatted with ET about whether he'd ever considering taking on Dancing with the Stars, which his sister Bindi won back in 2015.

"I'm not as graceful as Bindi, let's just say that. I'm not very graceful," he admitted. "I'd give it a go. I don't think I'd be as good as Bindi. She was incredible. I mean, when you watched her dance, it was just like she'd been dancing her whole life, and she'd never danced before, so really amazing. I was so proud of her. Maybe one day I'd give it a go. Actually, there's a group called Justice Crew here, they're from Australia, incredible dancers, so maybe I might be able to get some tips from them and see how we go. But I don't know."

His mother, Terri Irwin, then chimed in that she thinks Justice Crew are "entertained." When asked for more thoughts on Australian dance group, she playfully commented that they're "twisted steel and sex appeal. They're amazing."

However, when asked if she'd like to get to know them a little better, she responded: "And they're all young enough to be my kids, so it's not really like that, but I do appreciate their ability at dancing."

The family's patriarch, Steve Irwin, died in fall 2006 after getting stabbed by the tail of a stingray while filming a television special off the coast of Queensland, Australia. While on the red carpet on Saturday, Bindi took a moment to shine a light on her mother Terri, who has taken up her father's mantle.

"And may I just add to that, because we all have to have a moment to appreciate gorgeous Mum," she proudly stated. "She is the strongest woman on planet Earth, and she is so incredible that through everything, she has made sure that dad's life and legacy is continued on." 

"Nights like tonight, the Steve Irwin Gala Dinner, are all about celebrating Dad, but I think we should also celebrate Mum at the same time, because without her, this wouldn't be possible, and her strength and guidance has kept us all going into the future with our wildlife warriors work and everything in Australia too," she continued. "So it's a credit to her. Congratulations, because you're Wonder Woman and we love you. She's amazing."

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