Blac Chyna Reacts to Old Photos of Herself on Her 35th Birthday: 'That Face Was Looking Crazy'

'That face was looking crazy,' she said.

Blac Chyna's looking back at her old self, and she's shocked at what she used to look like.

While celebrating her 35th birthday, Chyna took to Instagram on Friday and posted three photos of herself, the first of which she said was taken a few months before she removed her face fillers. After thanking fans for the birthday wishes, Chyna gave her honest thoughts about her appearance.

"I was looking at old pictures," she said in the video. "You guys, that face was looking crazy. Like, that first picture, that was a few months before I took out all the fillers. I look so much better now. Like, ladies. That [fillers] ain't the way!"

She then told fans to focus on her lips, saying "my lips just went down, thank God."

She added, "I love you guys. Please don't even do the fillers. It is not even worth it." Chyna captioned the post, "Bruh 😂😅❤️♾️🙏🏽🏆 please slide."

In another post, Chyna and her mom, Tokyo, are seen on video playfully wrestling in what appears the hallway of a hotel. Tokyo then reveals the "Angela" tattoo over her heart. Chyna, whose birth name is Angela White, was pleasantly surprised by the gesture. In the caption Chyna wrote, "Thank you God, for the 35 years of life. I love you mom for birthing me. Happy Birthday to me."

Back in March, the mother of two got candid about her recent journey to reversing her cosmetic surgeries, including a breast reduction, removing the silicone injections from her butt and fillers from her face. 

Prior to removing her fillers, White shared why she made the decision. 

"I'm just tired of the look. It's just not flattering. It's just not what I look like," she told her doctors in an Instagram Live video. "It totally changed my face and I'm just ready to get back to Angela. Blac Chyna's Blac Chyna and I feel like I've outgrown that."

Chyna also shared that the decision to initially get facial fillers started at a very young age.

"I did it when I was so young, I didn't even give my body time to fully develop," she added, noting that her face naturally thinned out. "Just trust me, it's gonna come. You're gonna get the snatched face that you need and that you want as you get older. And when you get older, you're going to go, 'Aww, I miss my baby face.'"

She debuted her new and more natural look after removing the fillers during an interview with Forbes, telling the outlet why she has decided to let go of her stage moniker, Blac Chyna, and begin going by her birth name.

"Well, it was given to me by birth, but mostly to me it's getting back to myself," she said. "Because you know being in the entertainment field everybody always calls me 'Hey Blac Chyna, Chyna Chyna,' nobody ever calls me Angela. So sometimes I would kind of like forget who I am, because it's always about the brand, brand, brand and not the person."