'Black Site' Trailer: Jason Clarke Leads a Deadly Game of Cat and Mouse (Exclusive)

The action thriller also stars Michelle Monaghan and Jai Courtney.

In the upcoming thriller, Black Site, Jason Clarke plays Hatchett, the world’s most dangerous criminal being held in a labyrinthine-like, top secret CIA site. But when he decides to escape, the officers in charge are lured into a high stakes game of cat and mouse as they try to put a stop to his deadly agenda. Ahead of its May debut, ET is debuting the first trailer for the film, which also stars Michelle Monaghan, Jai Courtney and Pallavi Sharda. 

“This is an action-packed ride; once it starts it doesn’t stop,” director Sophia Banks tells ET about the film, teasing that “two of the really important things to think about with this film are: 1. What is a black site? It’s a CIA, MI6 or other place that doesn’t technically exist. So then, how do you call for help from a place that no one acknowledges is there? And 2. Things do not always appear the way they seem; you can’t always trust who you think you can.” 


As teased in the trailer, Hatchett is one formidable foe, and it’s quite the turn for Clarke, who can be currently seen as Jerry West on HBO’s Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty. “Jason and I worked really hard to make him seem scary, frightening and turn him into a ‘monster,’” Banks shared, teasing that “audiences will be excited” by what they see of his performance.

Meanwhile, the group of officers tasked with keeping Hatchett contained are led by Abby, who Banks says was the “perfect” role for Monaghan. “I cannot wait for the world to see her in this feature; her performance is very grounded, emotionally impactful, and is just overall badass,” the director offered. 


But her praise wasn’t limited to the former Mission: Impossible star. When it comes to Courtney, a member of Abby’s team, he “was very committed to the role, he would always talk to his friends in special forces to make sure we were doing everything right, it was so great,” Banks said, while also commending Sharda, a Bollywood star, for her “incredibly hard [work] on her fight sequences, which are epic. I was also blown away by every performance she did on set.” 

And as a filmmaker, Banks was excited about the “chance to create epic fight sequences that were gritty and real, which is my favorite type of fights” while noting that Sharda has “one very intense scene with Jai, and I remember she just kept bringing it.”

Black Site is a joint venture from Redbox Entertainment and Basil Iwanyk’s Thunder Road Films and Asbury Park Pictures, and will be available on-demand starting May 3.