Blake Lively Returns to Instagram to Debut 'A Simple Favor' Movie Teaser

The actress mysteriously purged all photos from her account on Monday night.

Blake Lively is back on Instagram.

After mysteriously deleting all photos and videos from the app on Monday night, the 30-year-old actress returned on Wednesday to debut the trailer for her latest film, A Simple Favor.

In the new thriller, which also stars Anna Kendrick, Lively plays the role of Emily Nelson, who one day goes missing. Judging from what we've seen in the teaser, it sounds like her character has a secretive dark side.

This explains Lively's latest social media move. Though her name is still the same on Instagram, it appears she temporarily changed her bio. It currently reads, "What happened to Emily?...," the same question displayed on the screen at the end of the teaser.

As ET previously reported, Monday's Instagram purge began when the blonde beauty posted a cryptic game of Hangman. She then deleted all pics from her account, including the avatar, and also unfollowed people -- including her husband, Ryan Reynolds -- and is now only following people named Emily Nelson.

Seeing as Lively and her husband are known to troll fans, it appears this is all just a game to promote the Paul Fieg-directed film. Once fans see the movie and finally figure out what happened to Emily, we're hoping Lively will return to the app as herself, because we're already missing her stylish snaps and clever captions.

A Simple Favor hits theaters Sept. 14. In the meantime, watch the video below to hear whether Lively is down for Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 3!


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