Blake Lively Shares How Her and Ryan Reynold's Daughters Give Her Confidence

The actress opens up about her family life during a new interview with 'Forbes.'

Blake Lively's life has changed in many ways over the last decade, and she credits her three daughters with Ryan Reynolds for helping inspire her to make career moves. The 34-year-old actress speaks to Forbes in a new interview about her beverage brand Betty Buzz and how her girls helped it come about by giving her life new meaning.

“Authorship is a huge thing,” Lively says of being a leader and having creative freedom outside of acting. “I began acting when I was 16 years old and when you begin acting, you’ll take whatever job you can get. With opportunity if you’re fortunate enough, you’re able to be a little bit more selective about your jobs - but even once you’re there, as an actor, you are very often just a ‘person-for-hire’ versus the person telling the story or the person leading the way."

"I’m just way too nosy and involved and curious and active to be happy just saying, 'Put me anywhere and I’ll just stand and say whatever you want and wear whatever clothes you want,'" she continues. "So even in my professional career, I saw that I was feeling less and less fulfilled when I wasn’t able to also have authorship."

Lively shares that it was becoming a mom to James, Betty, and Inez that helped her learn how important having authorship was to her.

"Once I had children, that just became even more profound because my time was even more precious, but also I think having children for me made me feel so much more in my skin," she explains. "I never felt more myself or at ease in my own body or more confident - not to say that there aren't a bevy of insecurities coming at me a million times a day, but I just feel incredibly settled."

"I just think that growing up, having kids, all of those things made me feel like I only want to do things where I can have really meaningful collaborations and have authorship," she adds. "When I say authorship, I’m not trying to be like the sole leader or genius. There’s nothing worse to me than that and I also don’t really believe in that. I believe in really valuable collaborations and that’s where I’m getting my fulfillment these days and I’ve never been happier, professionally.”

As Lively and Reynolds continue to take over Hollywood while both working on passion projects and caring for their children, neither have lost their sense of humor. ET recently spoke with Reynolds and he had a lot to say about the kind of parents he and Lively are.

"I'm just happy if they finish a bowl of cereal," Reynolds joked, noting they aren't too hard on their kids just yet as they're only 7, 5, and 2.

"I'd say [we're] probably like a brown belt at this point," he quipped about their parenting style. "We're working up the chain of command."