Blake Shelton & Adam Levine Take Their Feud to the 'Next Level' While Battling Over Contestants on 'The Voice'


No love lost here!

Game on, “Shevine!”

The Voice coaches and famous frenemies Blake Shelton and Adam Levine declared war on Monday night’s episode of the NBC singing competition.

It all started during the blind auditions, when Nashville-based contestant Dennis Drummond performed “She Talks to Angels” by The Black Crowes. As the singer belted out the hit, Levine quickly slammed his buzzer and turned around, prompting tears from the performer's family.

It wasn’t long before Shelton followed.

The two then battled for Drummond’s affection by taking each other down with insults.

“Do you know what band that song’s by?" Levine asked Shelton.

“Black Crowes. Do you know what state Nashville is in?” Shelton quipped back.

After fellow coach Jennifer Hudson said she would leave it to the boys to fight over Drummond, Levine then pleaded his case.

“I just felt connected to you right away, so I turned around and then I was mad because this nitwit turned around too,” he said. “But it’s an old school battle and we’re going to fight over you. Hopefully you realize I clearly am the one for you to work with.”

“I’m clearly in the lane of more traditional country music,” Shelton argued. “I know you’re a Nashville guy. It’s an interesting community and I love the fact that there’s different genres coming there and coming out of there.”

While Levine continued to point out his musical strengths, it was Shelton for the win, much to the joy of Drummond’s mom -- a Shelton fangirl.

With the dust settled, Hudson then called Shelton and Levine out for their repetitive behavior on the show.

But Levine wanted the last laugh with his dad jokes and once he was done, the two men decided they weren’t even and announced they were ready to take things to the “next level,” continuing to spar over any contestant they both turned for.

Shelton might not be the only Voice judge Levine is feuding with soon -- bad blood could also be brewing with Miley Cyrus, judging by a video of Levine and Hudson plotting against the "country club," Shelton and Cyrus.

“It’s you and me against the world,” Levine says.

“They don’t even know what’s coming,” Hudson adds.

See more on The Voice in the video below.