Blake Shelton Attempts to Write a Country Song About Chelsea Handler's Single Life on 'Carpool Karaoke'

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Blake Shelton has found his muse!

On Apple TV's Carpool Karaoke, the 41-year-old singer rides along with Chelsea Handler, and insists that the comedian's life story would make for a great country song -- and she agrees. 

"I'm just, like, a hot mess," Handler says, deadpan, calling out her "drinking" and "partying" ways.

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Shelton explains that in order for this song to work, Handler will need a "love interest."

"I would love a love interest," she declares. "No one is interested in me. I don't have a love interest, so let's make one up."

When Shelton insists that someone is interested in Handler, she replies, "I guess I'd have to wait for somebody to get divorced or something."

That's when Shelton exclaims, "That's a country song. Now we're getting there."

Handler then pitches another idea, "OK, what about, 'I don't like kids'? What about that?"

Pulling together all the themes of the hypothetical track, he recaps, "So basically, it's about a lonely, miserable, white, Jewish girl, who is gonna have to wait for somebody to get divorced."

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"Yeah! That's good," Handler says of the song. 

From there, the two then "try" to sing A-ha's 1985 hit, "Take On Me," but Handler needs a little help with her vocals from The Voice coach. "You sound like Darth Vader," Shelton says of Handler's singing voice.

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In an exclusive interview with ET, Handler revealed what it was really like to have a singalong in the car with Shelton. 

While she praised his tunes, she went on to call out his ego. "He's a narcissist," she joked. "[Blake] made me listen to all his albums and then act like I hadn't heard them dozens and dozens of times -- which obviously nobody has."

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