Blake Shelton on Bringing Gwen Stefani's Family Home to Oklahoma: 'It's Been a Lot of Fun' (Exclusive)

The 41-year-old country star also expertly dodges questions about whether he and his girlfriend of nearly two years want to add to the family.

One big happy family! 

Blake Shelton is opening up about bringing girlfriend Gwen Stefani, her kids and her whole family home to Oklahoma -- including during last week's grand opening of his new restaurant, Ole Red. 

"It's been a lot of fun for me to be the one to get to expose them to this -- out in the country," Shelton told ET on Friday. "They love it so much, her entire family. And when I say her family, I mean all of them. I'm talking about the kids, the mom, the dad, the brother. There's times when we've had holiday gatherings, and I'm talking about 30-plus family members from her side, from my side." 

"We have so much fun," he continued, joking: "I don't think you should be able to have that much fun. It's probably not legal in California." 

Shelton celebrated the opening of Ole Red with Stefani by his side, performing an intimate show benefitting local non-profit J.C. Reaching Out. Proceeds from the Friday performance resulted in $32,000 in donations. 

The following night, Shelton took on a much larger stage for a free show on Main Street in Tishomingo, Oklahoma. Known as Shelton's adopted hometown (he was born in Ada, Oklahoma, about 30 miles away), he's called it home for more than a decade.

"Tishomingo it's kinda been the area also that I grew up in," he said. "This is where you came if you wanted to go sand bass fishing in the spring or wild boar hunting. All that stuff is down in this area."

"For an outdoorsman, Tishomingo was the place back in the day. So, of course, this is where I found myself," he added. "It's always just been another one of my spots I hung out in growing up in Oklahoma. When I decided to move back home in 2006, from Nashville, I found a piece of land here that I really liked and just jumped on it."

There's no question that Stefani's family has embraced Shelton since the pair began dating nearly two years ago. Just last month, her kids even appeared in his latest music video, "I'll Name the Dogs." But has being around Stefani's three young boys sparked a paternal instinct in Shelton? 

"The Voice, I think, sparked that in me, if anything," Shelton expertly dodged the question. "I never thought in a million years when I signed on to do that show that I would ever be so defensive when it comes to reading a blog or critique about one of my artists. [In the] first season or two, I couldn't help it. I would just lose my mind when I would see someone picking on a kid, you know." 

Shelton also hilariously avoided addressing whether or not he'd like to have kids of his own. See his response in the player above. 

He was, however, more than happy to dish on what inspired his "happy" new album, Texoma Shore. For all those details, and an inside tour of Ole Red Tishomingo, watch ET's Certified Country on Friday via ET's YouTube channel and Facebook page. 

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