'Blindspot' Boss on Fall Finale Curveball: 'It's Going to Be a Trying Time' for Jane and Weller (Exclusive)


Warning: Spoiler alert! Do not proceed if you have not watched Friday's fall finale of Blindspot. You have been warned...

Kurt Weller did what?!

In the final moments of Friday's fall finale of Blindspot, titled "City Folks Under Wraps," Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) dropped a shocking bombshell in regards to the whereabouts of Jane’s (Jaimie Alexander) daughter, Avery, whom he secretly met in Berlin.

Up until this point, Jane had been hesitant to find Avery, but eventually came around on the idea, only to learn from her husband that her daughter wasn’t alive anymore. Why? Because Weller killed Jane’s daughter. The shocking confession comes at an awful time for Jane, who was stunned by the sudden development. So what does this mean for the couple (and the show) moving forward?

ET spoke with creator Martin Gero about what Weller’s surprising confession means, how this upends Jane and Weller’s relationship in the long run and how Roman’s puzzle piece finally fitting into the big picture affects the second half of the season.

ET: So Weller killed Jane’s daughter. How much of that is the truth?

Martin Gero: It’s 100 percent fact. That’s what he believes. That’s what happened. He’s not lying to her. There’s no part of him that is obfuscating the truth from her anymore. He’s been hiding this fact from her -- and we’ll find out why -- but many of you can guess: He’s been looking for Jane for two years and he knows this one secret will tear them apart again. And so for her, we’re really going to take our time explaining what the hell is going on. We dedicate the better part of an act to seeing Weller tell Jane exactly what happened and showing it through flashbacks. We’ll all get a real picture of what happened. For her, the hardest pill to swallow is him not telling her. That’s going to be the hard part.

Jane finally reaches a point where she’s comfortable searching for her daughter and then Weller drops this life-altering curveball. How does Jane take this news about her daughter’s fate?

It’s going to be really heard. We really put Jane through the wringer this year and we’re not letting up now. You’re right, [she comes to a point where she says] “Maybe I should try and find her.” And then to hear that she’s gone already is heartbreaking for Jane. The fact that the person she loves and trusts the most has kept this from her and watched her grapple with this, it’s hard. It’s going to be a trying time for them certainly. This is all Roman’s plan. He wanted to wreak chaos in Jane’s life. He’s doing a pretty good job at it as we round our midseason point.

Did Weller kill Jane’s daughter in Berlin?

That’s the Berlin secret. Yeah.



Roman says at the end of the episode that Weller’s off the hook for now. Who is his next target on the team?

(Laughs.) I can’t say.

With Hirst still alive, what does that mean? How does her story continue?

It will continue a little bit, but she’s in custody. She’s in custody and she’s out of moves. She’s been defanged, so to speak. We love Mary Stuart [Masterson] so much, we were looking for opportunities to bring her back and I think we found a way to bring her back later on in the season but yeah, she’s in trouble.

Hirst is really just a cog in the machine and it’s revealed in this episode that she’s been answering to Blake’s father all this time. What can you tease about that revelation?

I think most people really love the Roman story, but there seems to have been a moment where [people were wondering], “Well, what’s going on? What does this have to do with anything?” This is the moment where it all clicks together and you’re like, "oh man." Part of the problem is the team has been working from the outside but Roman’s been infiltrating from the inside. You need both parts to take the man of that power down, as you will find out. While the team continues to track down the tattoos and take pieces off the board, Roman is hoping to be on the inside also helping to sabotage.

Roman still has the upper hand in this situation. When will that change?

Roman’s the puppetmaster. He created the new version of the tattoos. He knows what the endpoint is. He knows what the game is. And we realized that while ruining Jane’s life is just part of, it’s a side mission for what he wants to do. We’ll find out more as the season continues as to why.

Roman agrees to be Blake’s everyday security detail, which we can assume is so he can get close to Blake’s dad. What can you tease in terms of Roman’s relationship with her father now that he’ll be in their everyday orbit?

It’s really dangerous for him, but at the same time, what’s so fascinating about this story is Roman really does love Blake. Roman’s really starting to fall for Blake, which is certainly going to complicate things for him. That’s a really interesting emotional journey for us to take with this incredibly dangerous guy. We’re excited about where that story is going. I can’t get into too much detail, but it’s a really exciting part of the show for us.

If and when Blake finds out about Roman’s true identity, how does that unravel their relationship?

I’m not going to answer that question. It could happen. It might not. It might. (Laughs.)

What can viewers look forward to in the second half of the season?

Aside from emotionally being one of our biggest episodes ever, because we finally find out about Berlin and Jeller’s relationship is in a trying position. It’s one of our biggest, most exciting episodes ever. I can’t believe we were able to pull this off. A giant chunk of it was shot in Marrakech, Morocco, and we also did something I’ve been wanting to do for three seasons: We did a massive skydiving sequence for real -- no green screen -- up in the sky. It was one of the hardest things we ever pulled off. It makes for a truly expansive thrilling episode. I haven’t told anyone this yet, but Anthony Lemke, who will be playing the part of Victor, finally makes an appearance starting episode nine [airing Jan. 12]. 

Blindspot returns on Friday, Jan. 12 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

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