Bob Barker's Estate Donates Bulk of TV Host's Money to 40 Animal Rights and Military Charities

'The Price Is Right' host died on Aug. 26 at age 99.

Bob Barker is continuing to give back after his death. Roger Neal, the late The Price Is Right host's longtime publicist, tells ET that the bulk of Barker's estate will be donated to 40 animal rights and military charities.

Barker's legacy will also soon be honored in Los Angeles, as Neal tells ET he's been working with L.A. City Council member Hugo Soto- Martinez to name an intersection Bob Barker Memorial Square.

Barker, who died on Aug. 26 at age 99 after a battle with Alzheimer's disease, was a noted animal lover. When ET spoke to Neal last month, he opened up about how the TV personality worked to support animals throughout his life.

"A lady who was an emergency vet at an animal hospital here in Los Angeles sent me and email yesterday and said Mr. Barker brought in a rat to us that had been hurt on his property and said, 'I want you to do everything you can to save this rat,'" Neal told ET. "... It was $2,000 to save this rat's life and he said, 'Do it.' No one knew about that. I didn't even know about that... He did no press around it."

Paul W. Bailey/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

According to Neal, Barker "did many, many things like that that no one ever knew about that for animals."

"His love for animals, and to rescue animals, and to make sure the animals were not harmed on the sets of movies and television shows in Hollywood, to make sure that animals could live their life in peace and be well taken care of in animal sanctuaries, that was his mission in life aside from being on television," he said. "That was his real mission."

That dedication, Neal said, shows that Barker was "one of those people that took that platform that he had, the celebrity that he had, and used it for absolute good, to make the world a better place."

"I think the world has a much better place having had Bob Barker in it," Neal noted.

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As for how Barker will be remembered, Neal said, "He lived a wonderful life and he helped mankind and animal kind and he left this planet a much better place than he found it."

"I think he leaves a legacy from television that will not be matched, will not be duplicated," Neal said. "I think he leaves a legacy for the animals. I think if animals could talk they would all be applauding Bob Barker today."