Bob Odenkirk 'Can't Help But Think About' His Heart Attack and Outpouring of Love from Fans (Exclusive)

Odenkirk and his co-star Rhea Seehorn opened up to ET about his health scare at the 2022 Film Independent Spirit Awards.

For Bob Odenkirk, the experience of having a massive heart attack and almost dying on set is something that will be on his mind to some degree for the foreseeable future. The same goes for his co-star, and the woman who saved his life, Rhea Seehorn.

The Better Call Saul co-stars walked the red carpet at the 2022 Film Independent Spirit Awards in Santa Monica on Sunday, and they spoke with ET's Will Marfuggi about Odenkirk's shocking near-death experience.

According to the actor, it was actually more frightening for Seehorn than for himself.

"She got scared, I wasn't scared. I can't remember a thing of it," Odenkirk said with a laugh and Seehorn nodded.

Back in February, Odenkirk revealed the true extent of how serious his heart attack was in an interview with The New York Times. The actor said that, after shooting all day, instead of going back to his trailer, he went to an area near some of his co-workers -- including Seehorn and Patrick Fabian -- and that decision likely made the difference between life and death.

Odenkirk recalled how he decided to use his workout bike and while exercising he just fell to the floor. Seehorn and Fabian called for help and the on-set health safety supervisor and one the assistant directors began performing CPR after calling for medics.

Medics actually needed to use an automated defibrillator to correct his pulse, and it took three total shocks to do the trick. Odenkirk also admitted that he has no actual memory of the heart attack itself.

"It was very strange," Seehorn told ET on Sunday. "It was a fantastic thing to have him make it out of that."

"You can't help but think about it a fair amount," Odenkirk added of the health scare. "And even though I don't remember the experience of it, all the reaction that I got from the public and my friends, it all affected me. And it still will and it continues to."

At the time of his heart attack, Odenkirk, Seehorn and the rest of the cast were in New Mexico, filming the final season of the critically acclaimed drama. And while Odenkirk couldn't say much without spoilers, he did tease what fans can expect from the sixth and final season.

"Best season ever, final season, it's bananas, it's crazy," Odenkirk promised. "They did a great job and it'll shake you up."

But is this really the end for Odenkirk's Saul Goodman and his unscrupulous associates?

"I think there's a life ahead... we've talked about Saul Babies, the animated show," Odenkirk joked. "So let's hope that Disney or somebody like that jumps on board."

While he may be kidding, there's likely a whole legion of Better Call Saul fans who'd be fully on board with an animated sequel series.

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