Bow Wow on Opening Up His Quarantine Life on 'Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta' (Exclusive)

The rapper lets fans into his quarantine routine on Thursday's special, 'Bow in the Q.'

Bow Wow is ready to let fans into his life in quarantine. The rapper's at-home routine is the subject of this week's special episode of Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta, "Bow in the Q." 

Like the rest of the world, Bow's life and career was turned upside down amid the coronavirus pandemic. Days before the outbreak, the producer was celebrating his birthday and gearing up to start a sold-our tour. Then, everything came to a standstill. Thursday's episode will show how Bow copes with the news from inside his Atlanta bachelor pad, as he discovers new ways to pass the time, checks in with old friends and reflects on the highs and lows of his life and career. 

In an interview with ET, Bow -- who is also an executive producer on Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta -- said he asked the team to "just give me the camera and let me run with it." "That's what we did," he explained. 

ET: This episode promises to show it all -- a look back at your relationships, beefs, and more. What are you excited for fans to learn about you? 

Bow Wow: I’m in a space of my life where I just want them to see that I’m down to earth just like them. I’ve been a homebody, I’ve been quarantining my whole career, so I’m used to that part, but I really want them to see a down to earth guy when they watch the special. I want them to see things they also can relate to -- whether that’s how I order my food, or how I’m learning how to wash clothes for the first time. I’ve tried my best to not show a lot of my personal life and that’s why we have this show, to give them a glimpse of that when they watch it. 

Was there anything you weren’t sure about putting on the show? 

I pretty much had control over what I wanted to be shot and what's being said, but I wanted to be authentic and real, so I’m not trying to hold back anything. Me being an executive producer, but also me being on the show, I always have to find that fine medium, because if it’s great TV, I have to put it out there. I’m not perfect, so I just wanted them to get it raw and uncut. It’s shot different -- it’s real, and I want to break that wall that’s never been broken before. When it comes to reality television it’s always that same thing, and I’m trying to break down that wall and I definitely do. 

You mentioned being involved in the production of this show, as a producer. How are you thinking of the future of this show amid coronavirus and things opening up again?

As EP, as soon as this happened when I was on tour in February, beginning of March, we were shooting the show and then the pandemic hit... I was actually watching how other shows were going about handling their business. I’ve seen a lot of people self-record themselves and they were sending it to the network. ... We just had to figure out ways to adapt. And me living in Atlanta, pretty much all of Atlanta is open. So, as of right now, yes, we’re back heavy in production. All crew is back, we’re filming everything, we’re back in the sound stages, we’re back doing our green screen work. It feels good, but still to this day we’re taking those safety precautions and going through the right steps to protect everybody’s health. We’re definitely not playing about that. 

A huge part of your career is being a performer, doing concerts and tours. How are you approaching things going forward? 

It’s definitely a life changing moment, not just for me but for all of us. ... I don’t see myself not wearing my mask anytime soon. I hate getting colds, I hate getting sick, if I can prevent it by doing that then absolutely [I will wear a mask]. I even think that when we go on tour, get back to these arenas, I think we’ll see a lot of fans with masks on, designing their own masks, making Bow Wow masks. I think from here going forward, we’re going to see a lot of people taking this seriously. We have to. 

I know I’m following my own rules. Just because the bars here are open in Atlanta -- everything is wide open and people are packing these bars out and no one is wearing masks -- for me, I’m wearing a mask. We have to protect each other by all means, and if wearing a mask is that, then I’m down to do it. Plus, it gives me a chance to go out in public and do things I couldn’t do without the mask. So, now I can finally walk down Hollywood Boulevard without security. [Laughs]. So, I will continue to wear my mask and I’m sure the fans will too. 

Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta, "Bow in the Q" airs Thursday on WE tv. The show will return with new episodes later this year. 


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